vxpal and vxsmf processes dump core on reboot

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vxpal and vxsmf processes dump core on reboot


The internal database used by vxsmf might get corrupted due to various reasons including an ungraceful shutdown such as a system crash. Subsequently on reboot the vxsmf process can dump core when referencing the corrupted database.

A snippet from a typical stack of the vxsmf process core from such a situation is :

core:           ELF 32-bit MSB core file SPARC Version 1, from 'vxsmf.bin'

# pstack core

core '/var/core/vxsmf.bin.pnapa1.1574.core' of 1574: /opt/VRTSsmf/bin/vxsmf.bin -p ICS -c /etc/vx/VxSMF/VxSMF.cfg --parentv
-----------------  lwp# 1 / thread# 1  --------------------
fbec1d5c get_table_index (0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0) + 2c
fbec26c8 db_get_oid_by_name (0, 0, ffbfc060, ffbfc228, 75700000, 75700000) + 40
fbeca430 eaz_db_lookup_non_resource_p (201138, ffbfc6bc, ffbfc6a0, ffbfc1f0, ffbfc2cc, ffbfc228) + 888
fbeb0b0c lookup_non_resource (201138, ffbfc6bc, ffbfc6a0, ffbfc298, ffbfc2cc, 0) + 3fc
fbeb0684 method_EAZ_LOOKUP (201138, ffbfc460, ffbfc498, 3, ffbfc744, ffbfc56c) + 34c
fbe99f9c vrtsAzObjectLookup (2004c0, ffbfc6f0, 4, 0, 0, 0) + 88c
fd337da8 vrtsAzObjectLookup (2004c0, ffbfc6f0, 4, fd3ffa7


1. Make a copy of the configuration file

# cp /etc/Symantec/SYMClma/lma.cfg /var/tmp/.

2. Verify/note current setting in this config file:
  egrep  "SecurityConfigComplete|AZLiteBootStrapComplete|AZDatabaseDir"  /etc/Symantec/SYMClma/lma.cfg

2a. If AZDatabaseDir has no setting this is probably why vxsmf.bin  is core dumping:

3. Try to initialise SYMClma db setting:
     cd /opt/SYMClma/bin
    ./lmautil --Config --SecurityConfigComplete 0  --AZLiteBootStrapComplete 0

4a. If any errors occurred such as a "sed" error or "Connection  Failed" you may need to restart vxsmf.bin:

4b.  Verify if vxsmf.bin is running:
           ps -ef | grep vxsmf

4c. If  vxsmf.bin is not running here's how to restart it:
cd /opt/VRTSsmf/bin;  ./vxsmf -p RootSMF -B

4d. Verify vxsmf.bin is running if it is re-run the
"./lmautil" command from step 3) above.

4e. If vxsmf.bin does not restart and dumps core in "/" ;  Edit /etc/Symantec/SYMClma/lma.cfg manually and set  the following values in it:

5. Remove package VRTSvsvc using OS specific commands
# pkgrm VRTSvsvc  

5a.  Remove hacomm_prov.so entry  from the /etc/vx/isis/Registry
5b.  Remove /opt/VRTSvsvc directory to ensure the package is completely removed.
# /bin/rm -rf /opt/VRTSvsvc

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