How to create a logon account using Best Practices (5 minute Video Demo)


How to create a logon account using Best Practices (5 minute Video Demo)


The attached video (in Windows Media Player format) will walk you through the creation of a Logon Account using suggested best practices.  

The Backup Exec Logon Account video provides information about the following to help get Backup Exec up and running right the first time:

What is a logon account?
A Backup Exec logon account is a container. It holds the user name and password that you use to log in to a resource, such as a  Windows computer.  It does not create accounts on your resources.

Why do you need a logon account?
You must have a Backup Exec logon account to browse your resources, to make backup selections, and to restore data. Resources are items such as computers, or shares, or databases.

What is the default logon account?
When you install Backup Exec, the System Logon Account is automatically created as your default logon account.  It contains the user name and password that you entered for the Backup Exec service account when you installed Backup Exec.
Every Backup Exec operator must have a default logon account. Your default logon account  is used for all  of the browse, backup, and restore operations that you perform.  For your default logon account, choose the one that you would use most often.

Do you need to create another Backup Exec logon account?
You may not need to create another logon account if the System Logon Account provides access to all of your resources.  The System Logon Account  contains the credentials for the  Backup Exec service account, which has administrative rights on the local media server. If you want to make Backup Exec more secure, you can create a logon account that has a specific role, such as to access resources in another domain.

What are common and restricted logon accounts?
A common Backup Exec logon account can be used by all Backup Exec operators to back up and restore data, without being prompted for passwords.

A restricted Backup Exec logon account can only be used by the person who created the logon account and by anyone who knows the password of that logon account. Before operators can initiate a backup or restore job using a restricted logon account, they must enter the logon account password. The  password must be provided before the selections for the job are loaded.

The main reasons to restrict a logon account are to help you limit access to the resources that are available for backup and to help you limit the computers to which you can restore.

Where else in Backup Exec can you create logon accounts?
You can also create, edit, and set default  Backup Exec logon accounts outside of the wizard. In Backup Exec, from the menu bar, click Network > Logon Accounts.

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