SSH is returning a non-zero exit code even after successful execution in CommandCentral Storage (CCS)


CommandCentral Storage (CCS) installer for the hardware Abstraction layer (HAL) cannot handle a SSH (Secure Shell) banner popping up during connection for push installation. The Banner needs to be configured to not return on standard error to the push install host.

Error Message

SSH is returning a non-zero exit code even after successful execution


CCS uses two installers, the main installer written in CPI and the HAL installer based on VxIF (Veritas Installation Framework) for configuring HAL.
Due to a ssh banner being configured, CPI will display a false failure (even though the packages are installed it fails to get the correct status).
HAL installer cannot handle a SSH banner at all. With the presence of a ssh banner the configuration of HAL will fail and the install will error out.
This is because ssh client throws the banner on standard error.
If there is a SSH banner, HAL installer will always fail.

If the ssh banner is disabled, install will be performed successfully.
SSH provides "-q" option which will suppress ssh errors and warnings which also suppresses ssh banner.
The installer is patched to be using the option to workaround the issue for both the installers (HAL as well as CPI)

1) Download and save the patch file into a temporary directory, such as /tmp/
2) Set environment variable SSH_BANNER=1 (export SSH_BANNER=1) on the host from where the push install is being performed.
3) Start installation/uninstallation from CCS DVD kit as given below:

./installccstor -require /tmp/   (For GA push install)
./uninstallccstor -require /tmp/   (For GA push uninstall)

NOTE: This workaround can be skipped for hosts not having any ssh banner enabled by unsetting or not setting SSH_BANNER environment variable on the host from where the push install or push uninstall is being performed.

Note: CPI references -
   * Cross Product Installation
   * Cross Platform Installation
   * Common Packaging and Installation
This patch would work for both, CCS5.0GA as well CCS5.0RP1 installers.
The same fix will be available as part of CCS5.0MP1 installer.



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