What is WebEx?


What is WebEx?


Symantec Technical Support may request to initiate a remote support session with the customer, using the WebEx tool for troubleshooting purposes.  WebEx is a secure, Web-based remote support tool used to troubleshoot/diagnose issues.  During this process, the Support Representative will be able see the customer's display and configuration.  The customer will have control over the system in question unless the customer elects to pass control to the Support Representative.  The tool also has a chat feature and allows for File Transfers if the customer permits.

The session is engaged when a Symantec Technical Support representative provides the customer a Support Session Number.   The customer then visits the link below to "Join" the session.
For more information and Frequently Asked Questions regarding WebEx, please visit:

For information on security aspects involving WebEx,  please refer to the following link and the section on "Transportation Layer Security"

Note: WebEx is not required to receive technical assistance from a Symantec representative, however, some technical issues are more easily diagnosed with the benefit of a first person view of a system. If a WebEx session is not possible, an individual knowledgeable enough to follow verbal or written technical instructions should be available to perform the tasks needed to diagnose an issue.

In the event that a technical case has been internally escalated and a WebEx session is requested to internally document or verify an issue, failure to comply with the request may make the case ineligible for further escalation and/or result in the closure of the case.

Alternatives under this circumstance may include sending a full backup of a server, or a backup of the Backup Exec databases, to Symantec for restoration purposes so that a system may be observed in that manner.


Terms of use for this information are found in Legal Notices.



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