Backup Exec for Windows Servers fails to detect the tape drive


Backup Exec for Windows Servers fails to detect the tape drive


All removable-media devices are handled by Removable Storage Manager (RSM). Unless the tape device or the removable-media device is recognized by RSM in Windows, Backup Exec cannot detect and use the device.


After a tape device or a removable-media device is installed, the device is visible in the Windows Device Manager, but not seen under the DEVICES tab in Backup Exec.

To verify if the device is recognized by RSM, perform the following:
1. Right-click on My Computer, and select Manage.
2. In Computer Management go to Storage | Removable Storage.

Note: Another reason for the issue can be that the device is not working properly. To eliminate the possibility of a faulty drive/removable media, attempt to connect another tape device/removable media to the SCSI Controller and verify If RSM and Backup Exec are able to detect the other device.

Run a test backup using the native Windows Backup Utility, NT Backup. If NT Backup also cannot detect the device, contact Microsoft to get the issue resolved.

This applies to Windows 2003 only as NT Backup is native to Windows 2003 and earlier.

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