How to setup Email Notification in Backup Exec System Recovery (BESR) 7.0 and above

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Follow the instructions below to setup email notification in BESR 7.0 and above


1. Launch BESR Console

2. Click on Tasks > Options

3. Under Notifications select SMTP Email

4. In the right pane make appropriate configuration under the Priority Level section

5. Enter the recipient e-mail address under To address: field.

6. Enter a valid email address for the domain to the From address: field

7. Add the SMTP server name or the IP address for the smtp server in the SMTP server name field

8. Select the proper SMTP authentication method from the SMTP Authentication drop-down

8. If appropriate, provide the SMTP User name, and Password for the email address in the From address: field

If the above setup method fails, use article 000022472 to test SMTP server availability.




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