Ports used by Symantec / BE System Recovery (SSR/BESR)


Ports used by Symantec / BE System Recovery (SSR/BESR)


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Symantec / BE System Recovery require that the following ports be opened:

  • 137 (inbound and outbound TCP and UDP)
  • 138 (inbound and outbound UDP)
  • 139 (inbound and outbound TCP)

    By default, DCOM is free to use any port between 1024 and 65535 when it dynamically selects a port for an application. This range can be reduced by creating registry keys on the computer that hosts the DCOM service; the firewall router can then be configured to forward only these TCP ports. Only a range of ports above port 5000 should be opened. Port numbers below port 5000 may already be in use by other applications and can cause conflicts with DCOM applications. At least 300 ports should be opened, because several system services rely on these RPC ports to communicate with each other.

    Note: The management console must be able to reach the server by the actual IP address. DCOM cannot be used through firewalls that do address translation. For more information, read the Microsoft article PRB: DCOM Does Not Work over Network Address Translation-Based Firewall (Q248809) ON Technology KB - Ports needed by Symantec LiveState Recovery 


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