About Recovery Disk (SRD) Driver Validation

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About Recovery Disk (SRD) Driver Validation


Driver Validation checks whether there are available drivers in Recovery Disk for network and storage devices on the computer. Running the Driver Validation helps to assure that the recovery functionality that may be needed later will work with the computer's device configuration.  When installing System Recovery, the installation program automatically runs the Driver Validation tool to check devices against drivers available in the recovery environment (Recovery Disk) and displays the validation results.

Getting Driver Validation results

When drivers for all devices in use by the computer are available in the recovery environment, the Driver Validation Tool displays a message indicating that the storage devices and network cards detected have drivers in Recovery Disk.

When storage and network devices cannot be used when booting with Recovery Disk because the drivers are not included, a Driver Validation Results Dialog appears. While the product can be used, the necessary drivers and test Recovery Disk should be obtained before relying on the functionality provided by the recovery environment.

If a screen appears that lists devices, know that:

  • Drivers for listed devices are not available in the recovery environment
  • Without the drivers, the devices cannot be used in the recovery environment
  • If a network card driver is not detected, contact technical support.
  • If a storage controller driver is not detected and the necessary drivers are available, add the additional drivers when booting with Recovery Disk by pressing F6 at the "Press any key to boot from CD" prompt.
  • Before relying on Symantec Recovery Disk to recover an image (or use other functionality), obtain the necessary drivers and test booting with Recovery Disk to verify that drivers for the specified devices can be used before depending on the functionality in the recovery environment. Saving the validation results can be useful when adding additional drivers or when contacting support concerning missing network card drivers.
  • The recovery environment is 32-bit, based in Windows Vista/2008. Drivers must meet that criteria when being used within the RD.
  • Drivers used within the operating system are the architecture and operating system version of that respective machine. Once a reboot occurs, the drivers used within the RD are flushed from memory and the operating system takes over.


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