How to enable Debugging for the Remote agent for Macintosh.

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How to enable Debugging to troubleshoot a Macintosh remote agent for backup or restore.


Debug Steps:
Set Debug on the Backup Exec (BE) server and the Remote Macintosh Server: 
  1. On the BE server:
    1. Open Debug Monitor on each server. For more detail on Debug Monitor see -
    2. Select the following items from the main screen of Debug Monitor: Job Engine, RAWS, Agent Browser, Backup Exec Server, Device and Media, Catalog, Capture to File.
    3. Click Clear Log.
    4. Inside the Tools\Settings dialog, select Job Engine & Remote Agent on the left. Then select Enable Job Engine and Remote Agent Debug outside of SGMon. (Note this will remain in debug mode until this option is turned off)
  2. On the Remote Macintosh Server:
    1. Log onto the Macintosh server a ROOT (must be logged in as root)
    2. Open a terminal session on the Macintosh server
    3. Type the following command to ensure the dynamic libraries can be searched for in the /opt/VRTSralus directory:
      1. # export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/VRTSralus/bin
    4. Type following command to change directory to /opt/VRTSralus/bin:
      1. # cd /opt/VRTSralus/bin
    5. Start VRTSralus in debug mode:
      1. # ./beremote --log-file-auto (from the same shell)  

NOTE : All the command mentioned above are case sensitive.

Notes about the logs:
The logs are created under -
BE Server - Program Files\veritas\Backup Exec\Logs
Remote servers -  /var/VRTRalus   or    /var/log
The following logs create a new file each time BE services restart/debug is turned on:
The following logs append (single log file):





Applies To

Macintosh Server
Remote Agent for Macintosh Server (RAMS)

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