Veritas Process Automation Server 5.0 - Patch 20070510a for Windows


Veritas Process Automation Server 5.0 - Patch 20070510a for Windows


 Patch #:                  20070510a

 This Veritas Process Automation Server 5.0 patch is recommended for all installations.

 The following fixes are included:

 Summary:           1. Provides a fix for Discover_Array_Configuration AP
                               for HAL adapter core dumps.
                           2. Provides an enhancement for adding a separate tab to
                               host customer's webpage inside VPAM GUI.
                           3. Provides a fix for UI corrupted if the number of
                               gouplist or userlist is large.
                           4. Provides a fix for Regular expression pattern
                               server crash.

 Problem description:

       1. When the server queries the status of an adapter which has registered an entry
          in the server, the adapter will core dump.

       2. Customer requested a feature to add their own page into VPAM GUI.  The first
       request is only to embed their page; the second request is to allow them to
       customize the tab label of their page.

       3. UI corrupted if the number of gouplist or userlist is large.

       4. A regular expression match can make the server crash.
 Date:                     May 10, 2007

 Relevant Platforms:       Windows 2003
 Relevant Product(s):      Veritas Process Automation Management 5.0 GA
 Relevant Release(s):

 Obsoletes Patch(es):      None
 Required Patch(es):       None
 Conflicting Patch(es):    None

 Files included with this patch:





 How to apply the patch:
 Application of the patch involves stopping the services,
 copying the new files in the appropriate location and then restarting the services.
 Given below are the steps for applying the patch.

 (i) unzip into a directory of your choice.

 (ii) net stop pmstartd

 (iii) Run the patch application batch file from the extracted patch directory:
         - applypatch.bat

 (iv) net start pmstartd

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