Journaling Stops when using the Journal Connector and how to properly configure the Journal Connector.

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Journaling Stops when using the Journal Connector and how to properly configure the Journal Connector.


Compliance Accelerator (CA) uses a Journal Connector (JC) to "tag" email for Compliance Searches and Random Sampling processing.  The Journal Connector is an additional function of the Journal Task (JT) known as an external filter.  When the JC is not configured properly, the JT will stop immediately ( version 5 ) or after a 500 second ( version 6 and later ) timeout.  A company that runs CA normally has a JC installed on all Enterprise Vault (EV) servers that are configured with at least one JT.

The JC must be configured to reference the CA configuration database.  This reference includes the SQL Server name / SQL Server Instance in which the CA configuration database resides.



Locate and edit the JC configuration file on each EV server that has a Journal Task installed and configured with a JC..  The file is located inside the EV installation folder.  The default locations for this folder are:
For 32-bit Windows installations
C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault
For 64-bit Windows installations
C:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault
The name of the JC configuration file is:
For Microsoft Exchange journal archiving
For Lotus Domino journal archiving

Determine which version of Compliance Accelerator is being used and edit the correct lines.  Pay close attention to the DirectoryDSN line to verify the "data source" and the "name" of the SQL server.  If these are left blank or incorrect, each time the Task Controller service or Journal Task is restarted the values inserted for the "server=" and "Initial Catalog=" will revert to the original value and the Journal Archive Task will stop.

Version 5 ONLY uses the line <add key ="DSN" ..... (Figure 1)

Figure 1

  • modify the "server=SQLServerNetBiosName"  (see note 1)   NEVER USE the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name)
  • modify the "catalog=CADatabaseName"

Version 6 and greater has an additional line added and ONLY uses this line <add key="DSNConfiguration" ... (Figure 2)
*** If this line is not present after an upgrade to version 6, rename the config file and install the Journal Connector again.

Figure 2

  • modify the "server=SQLServerNetBiosName" (see note 1)   Make sure this is the SQL Server or SQL Server instance name in which the CA configuration database resides.  NEVER USE the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) of the SQL Server.

  • modify the "initial Catalog=CA Configuration databaseName"  Make sure this is the CA Configuration database name, NOT the Customer database name.

Note 1
If the CA database is in an Instance of the SQL server, use the format SQLServerNetBiosName\InstanceName

After the JC configuration file has been properly edited and saved, restart the Enterprise Vault Task Controller Service or each Journal Task on the EV journaling server.




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