Jumpstart compliance information for Veritas Storage Foundation (tm) and High Availability Solutions 5.0 products on Solaris (Sparc)

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Jumpstart compliance information for Veritas Storage Foundation (tm) and High Availability Solutions 5.0 products on Solaris (Sparc)


Storage Foundation and High Availability 5.0 packages are now JumpStart compliant. An earlier 5.0 product release was not jumpstart compliant. To differentiate between the old and new packages check the PSTAMP value in the package information (pkginfo -l).

The table below lists old packages that are not Jumpstart compliant and the new packages that are Jumpstart compliant:

Package PSTAMP in SxRT 5.0 (Jumpstart not Supported) PSTAMP in SxRT 5.0 (Jumpstart supported version)
SYMClma sigsol7b420060516074428_4.1.3.5 Veritas-LMA-
VRTSaa VRTSaa- May 9 06:32:51 2006 VRTSaa- Jan 10 06:32:51 2007
VRTSalloc VERITAS-5.0:Nightly_Build:2006-05-11 VERITAS-5.0:Nightly_Build:2006-05-11-JS
VRTSccg VRTSccg- May 9 06:31:47 2006 VRTSccg- Jan 10 06:32:51 2007
VRTScs VRTScs- Jun 8 02:24:42 2006 VRTScs- Jan 17 06:32:51 2007
VRTSd2gui VRTSd2gui-5.0:2006-05-09 VRTSd2gui-5.0:2006-05-09_HF1(Updated on 31-January-2007)
VRTSdbac Veritas-5.0-05/30/06-15:27:59 Veritas-5.0-01/12/07-15:27:59
VRTSdbcom VRTSdbcom-5.0:2006-05-09 VRTSdbcom-5.0:2006-05-09_HF1(Updated on 30-January-2007)
VRTSdcli Veritas-5.0:11-May-2006 Veritas-5.0-JS:10-Jan-2007
VRTSdsa Veritas-5.0:23-May-2006 Veritas-5.0-JS:8-Jan-2007
VRTSgcspr SANVM_EAP:2006. SANVM_EAP:JS-2007.
VRTSglm VERITAS-5.0,REV=5.0A55_solGLM-2006-05-01 VERITAS-5.0,REV=5.0A55_solGLM-2007-01-18
VRTSgms Veritas-5.0GMS-2006-05-01 Veritas-5.0GMS-2007-01-18
VRTSmapro VRTSmapro-5.0:2006-05-09 VRTSmapro-5.0:2006-05-09_HF1(Updated on 12-January-2007)_HF1(Updated on 30-January-2007)
VRTSmh VRTSmh- Jun 8 02:24:46 2006 VRTSmh- Jan 10 06:32:51 2007
VRTSobc33 VEA-3.3.721.0-May 9, 2006 VEA-3.3.721.0-Jan 10 2007
VRTSob VEA-3.3.721.0-May 9, 2006 VEA-3.3.721.0-Jan 22 2007
VRTSorgui VRTSorgui-5.0:2006-05-09 VRTSorgui-5.0:2006-05-09_HF1(Updated on 30-January-2007)
VRTSpbx sssol7b220060406051734_1.3.17.0 sssol7b220070208051131_1.3.17.0
VRTSsmf sssol7b120060306130313_1.3.13.0 Veritas-SMF-
VRTSvcsdb Veritas-5.0-05/24/06-12:24:01 Veritas-5.0-01/11/07-17:01:00
VRTSvcsmg Veritas-5.0-05/30/06-09:01:00 Veritas-5.0-01/11/07-17:01:00
VRTSvcsor Veritas-5.0-05/24/2006-14:26:32 Veritas-5.0-01/11/2007-17:01:00
VRTSvcs Veritas-5.0-05/30/06-09:01:00 Veritas-5.0-01/11/07-17:01:00
VRTSvcssy Veritas-5.0-05/24/2006-14:26:08 Veritas-5.0-01/11/2007-17:01:00
VRTSvdid kaint-20060504225654PDT-206 kaint-20070111141548PST-206a
VRTSvrpro Veritas-5.0-REV=05.25.2006.20.55 Veritas-5.0-JS-REV=01.03.2007.17.31
VRTSvsvc JS, 25-Jan-2007
VRTSvxvm Veritas-5.0-2006-05-11a Veritas-5.0-2007-01-11a

Please continue to check this article for the latest information and fixes for Jumpstart issues.

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