How to add and configure Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) Servers when the NDMP Option has been enabled on a media server

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How to add and configure Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) Servers when the NDMP Option has been enabled on a media server.


The Symantec Backup Exec for Windows Servers NDMP Option lets Backup Exec use the Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) to initialize and control backups and restores of Network Attached Storage (NAS) Devices.  Data can be backed up to a storage device that is connected directly to the NDMP Server (direct-attached) or that is connected to another NDMP server (filer-to-filer).  NDMP Data can only be backed up to the NDMP Storage Devices. A library should not be shared between a filer and a Media Server, because the machine that accesses the library first will have ownership of it, and the other machine won't have access.  
NOTE: The duplicating of NDMP backup sets is not supported in Backup Exec 11d.

Requirements for using the NDMP Option:

To use the NDMP Option, the Backup Exec server must have the following items installed:

a. Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/Server 2008/Server 2008 R2.
b. Backup Exec for Windows Servers 11d or later.
c. A NetApp Filer with Data ONTAP 7.0 or later installed.
d. An NDMP server with the Network Data Management Protocol enabled.

Configuring Backup Exec to use the NDMP Option:

Before the NDMP Option can be used, the following tasks must be performed in Backup Exec:

  • Add the NDMP server that you want to back up to the backup selection list.  You can add the NDMP server to the NDMP Servers node or the User-defined Selections node.
  • Add the storage device that is attached to the NDMP server to the Backup Exec device list.

In order for Backup Exec to initiate a backup command to the tape hardware to backup the NDMP Resources, the NDMP Service must be running on the NDMP Server and authentication must be accepted by that machine.

The following steps describe how to configure the NDMP server:

  • Start the NDMP Service by entering the following command on the NDMP server (accessed by using telnet or the Web interface): filerA> ndmpd on
  • Configure the NDMP server to use the challenge (MD5) method for authentication by entering following command:

     filerA> options ndmpd.authtype challenge

Note: In a CASO environment, add an NDMP Server only to a Central Administration Server or to a Managed Media Server on which the Device and Media Database is located.

To add an NDMP storage device:

1. On the navigation bar, click Devices.
2. In the task pane, under NDMP Tasks, click Add NDMP Server.
3. In the Add NDMP Server dialog box, enter the following information:

NDMP Server: Enter the name of the NDMP Server.

Port: Enter the port to be used for communications between the Backup Exec Server and the NDMP Server.

Logon Account: Select the Logon Account for the NDMP server.

NDMP Server supports ICMP Ping Operations:  Check NDMP Server supports ICMP Ping Operations to ensure that the Backup Exec can use ping to locate the NDMP Server.  

4. Click OK to add the NDMP server.
5. After adding the NDMP server, restart Backup Exec services. The NDMP Server and the storage devices that are directly attached to it should appear in the Devices Tab in Backup Exec.



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