The error message "Job was recovered as a result of Backup Exec RPC service starting. No user action is required" appears when performing a backup.

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The error message "Job was recovered as a result of Backup Exec RPC service starting." or "The local job has been recovered. No user action is required" appears when performing a backup.

Error Message

0xe0008821 - Job was recovered as a result of Backup Exec RPC service starting. No user action is required.


0xe0008820 The local job has been recovered. No user action is required.




The above error may occur for various reasons:

 1.  Check the Application Event log. If there is an error on RSM, disable the service from Start-Run-Services.msc and try the backup again.
 2. This error may sometimes occur if the Automatic Cancellation feature has been enabled for a short duration. To change this duration refer to the Related Documents section.
 3. Install the latest device drivers for the tape device:
4. If it appears to happen after the backup job is finished, check to see if email notifications are enabled and if the job logs are being sent with the emails. If so, the error above can occur because job log is larger then the maximum attachment size or the job log is not being processed properly.
To decrease the level of Job Log Detail Information: Go to Tools | Options | Job Log - Summary Information Only generates the smallest job log.
5. Run LiveUpdate and make sure there are no pending hotfixes. Update the Remote Agent if any updates are found and downloaded.
6. Schedule the job to run at another time to rule out possible third party application interference. Any applications that utilize Volume Shadow Copy will cause a conflict with Backup Exec and may have to be temporarily disabled during the backup window, or removed from the server.
7. Perform a repair installation of Backup Exec.
8. Disable or reschedule any tasks responsible for rebooting the server during the backup window.
9. Packets being generated from that server may be overloading the NIC, causing the driver failure and the Backup Exec services to crash.
Disable Large Send Offload in the NIC configuration, update or reinstall the NIC driver, update the NIC firmware, or replace the NIC.
10. If a Windows 2003 computer is locked or is configured with a password-protected screen saver AND a shutdown operation is initiated automatically by a program that uses the InitiateSystemShutdownEx function with the force flag, look for the following Event ID and if it is found, apply the Microsoft hotfix below:
Event ID 6008: The previous system shutdown was at a Time on Date was unexpected. 
11. Add the IP address of the media server in the remote agent publishing tab to rule out mismatched DNS name resolution. This issue is very common in a NLB environment that uses a multiple IP's or/and multiple network adapters.
12. This error can occur if the DCOM security permissions for a specific application is set to customize. Verify Event ID 10016 has occurred in the Event Viewer\System Events log.

On the Backup Exec Server

a : Click on Start-->run and type in dcomcnfg and click on OK.
b : Expand "Component Services and Expand Computers
c : Right Click on My computer and go to Properties
d : Go to "COM Security"

e : Click on "Edit Defaults" under Access Permissions and ADD the Backup Exec Service Account and give it FULL access.



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