When using Enterprise Vault (EV), the Archiving tasks report Event ID 3310 in the event logs, the MSMQ is building up and archiving stops working.

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When using Enterprise Vault (EV), the Archiving tasks report Event ID 3310 in the event logs, the MSMQ is building up and archiving stops working.

Error Message

Event Type :  Error
Event Source :  Enterprise Vault
Event Category : Archive Task
Event ID :  3310
Description :
There was a problem accessing a network service or resource.  The dispenser will re-queue the current item and sleep for 10 minute(s).

Task: Mailbox Archiving Task for EXCHANGESERVER

DTRACE of the Archive Task on the effected EV server will produce the error below

EV:M CArchivingAgent::ProcessItemInternal - Call to PI_GetMAPISession Failed RetryCount[0] [0x8004011D]


The following troubleshooting steps can be performed to resolve the most common cause of this issue. It may not be necessary to run through all the resolution steps below, start with number 1 and if that does not fix the issue, proceed to the rest of the steps

Note: Please be logged in as the Vault Service Account (VSA) during the steps below.

1. Open Microsoft Message (private) Queues (MSMQ) and check if there are any messages stuck in the queues for the affected exchange server.
Note: If Migrating users between Exchange Servers, check the A2 queue for pending items from a migrated user.  If the object in the A2 queue refers to a user from the original server, instead of the new Exchange Server, processing this item will fail and not be removed.  A Purge of this queue, and the related Admin Queue afterwards is required to return EV to a functional state.  Please see the Administrators Guide for further details of the Queues and their responsibilities.

2. Reboot the EV server.

3. Re-Install the Exchange System Manager (ESM) on the EV server and make sure the version of ESM on the Exchange and EV servers is the same. ( Note : this step should be skipped for versions 8.0 and above )

4. Make sure Outlook is the default Email client on the EV server. To do this open IE and go to:  Tools | Internet Options | Programs and under E-Mail it should say 'Microsoft Outlook'.

5. Delete any old Outlook profiles.

6. Make sure the EV system mailbox is not hidden from the Global Address List (GAL) and can be logged into successfully.

7. Create a new Enterprise Vault System Mailbox for the Task on the Exchange Server, open the mailbox as the VSA and confirm mail can be sent and received to the associated mailbox, and update the Task to use the new mailbox.

8.   EV 6.x and Above: (this step is no longer required in versions 9.x and above)
The ArchivingRetrievalTask table.

Open SQL => EnterpriseVaultDirectory Database => ArchivingRetrievalTask table.
- The ArchivingRetrievalTask table contains the settings to each of the Mailbox Archiving tasks.

Under the SystemMailbox column, change the field to show the full SMTP address of the mailboxes, and prefix the address with "SMTP:"

Example:  SMTP:support@kvsinc.com

Note: This information can be found in Active Directory (AD) users and computers.

Re-start the Archiving tasks.

9. If running Enterprise Vault version 11.0.1 or above install Outlook 2013 SP1 on the Enterprise Vault server. (See compatibility charts for up to date details)

If the issue is not resolved, run a Dtrace on the Archive Task & Directory Service until the error occurs and contact Veritas Enterprise Technical Support with the Dtrace and Event logs.  
Please refer to the Related Documents Section, below, for more details on the Dtrace utility.

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