Special Maintenance Pack NB_CLT_60_0S0007_M.tar provides security-related fixes for the Java Authentication Service on VERITAS NetBackup (tm) Enterprise Server / Server 6.0 on UNIX clients.


Special Maintenance Pack NB_CLT_60_0S0007_M.tar provides security-related fixes for the Java Authentication Service on VERITAS NetBackup (tm) Enterprise Server / Server 6.0 on UNIX clients.


 CLT 6.0GA Pack NB_CLT_60_S0007_M README                        October 12, 2005
Corequirement: NB_60_S0007_M
This Maintenance Pack provides fixes to the VERITAS NetBackup server and  

(Please refer to the PACK DEPENDENCIES and the RELATED DOCUMENTS sections of
this Readme for additional information that applies to this pack.)

Symantec recommends that the backing up of active file systems be avoided,  
or the use of snapshot technologies be implemented. The directory structure  
reported back from the file system (to NetBackup) may not contain all of the  
files available during the time of backup. NetBackup will not report errors  
in many cases where the file's existence is not known to NetBackup as reported  
by the file system.


    -- 6.0GA must be installed prior to installing this Maintenance Pack.

    -- On a server, NB_60_S0007_M_<6 digit number>.<server>.tar must be installed  
       after this Maintenance Pack is installed.

    -- Installation of this Maintenance Pack requires version of  
       the Vrts_pack.install script.
    -- For the latest robotics support please download the latest
       Mappings_5.1.<6 digit number>.tar from the support website:

       Current Pack  

1) Download the NB_CLT_60_S0007_M_<6 digit number>.tar into the  
  /tmp directory,

  where <6 digit number> is an internal tracking identifier

    NOTE: NB_CLT_60_S0007_M_<6 digit number>.tar contains all client  

2) Extract the NB_CLT_60_S0007_M_<6 digit number>.tar file
       tar xvf NB_CLT_60_S0007_M_<6 digit number>.tar

       This will create the files:

NOTE: For Maintenance Pack installation on a UNIX Cluster Environment:

1) Ensure that prior to installing the maintenance pack, NetBackup is at
  release level 6.0 and configured to run in a cluster.

2) Freeze the NetBackup group (This will avoid a 'failover' during a patch

3) Install this Maintenance Pack on the inactive node(s) of the cluster  
  (follow steps 1-3 below).

4) Install this Maintenance Pack on the active node of the cluster (follow
  steps 1-3 below).

5) Unfreeze the NetBackup group.

There are two ways to install the client maintenance pack software.

1. Remote Installation:  Loads the software on a master server with
   the intent of pushing client software out to affected clients.

2. Local Installation:   Loads and installs the software only to this
   local machine.

Remote client install:

As root on the NetBackup Master/Media Server:

1) This pack contains a full release of the IBMzSeriesLinux 2.4.21 client.  If
  you intend to install this client type, you must first create the following

       mkdir /usr/openv/netbackup/client/Linux/IBMzSeriesLinux2.4.21

  If you intend to install the Encryption Libraries for this client type, you
  must create the following directory:

       mkdir /usr/openv/netbackup/crypt/Linux/IBMzSeriesLinux2.4.21

2) Install NB_60_S0007_M and NB_CLT_60_S0007_M Maintenance Pack binaries.

       cd /tmp
       /bin/sh Vrts_pack.install

NOTE: The installation of the client pack on the server copies the appropriate  
client binaries into place on the server.

It is important that Server and Client binaries are kept at the same pack level  
on all NetBackup Servers.  This is enforced by the Pack install process.

3) Restart daemons.

       /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/ltid -v

4) Update the remote NetBackup clients with the update_clients script.

       /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/update_clients <hardware> <os>

       where <hardware> <os> is one of the following:
           ALPHA OSF1_V5
           HP9000-700 HP-UX11.00
           HP9000-800 HP-UX11.00
           HP9000-700 HP-UX11.11
           HP9000-800 HP-UX11.11
           Linux IBMzSeriesLinux2.4
           Linux IBMzSeriesLinux2.4.21
           INTEL  FreeBSD4.5
           Linux  RedHat2.4
           MACINTOSH MacOSXS10.2
           RS6000 AIX4.3.3
           RS6000 AIX5
           SCO UnixWare7.1
           SGI IRIX65
           Solaris Solaris7
           Solaris Solaris8
           Solaris Solaris9
           Solaris Solaris10 *
           Solaris Solaris_x86_7
           Solaris Solaris_x86_8
           Solaris Solaris_x86_9
           Solaris Solaris_x86_10 *

           * - For "Solaris Solaris10" or "Solaris Solaris_x86_10" to show when
               configuring clients into a backup policy, the following must be
               executed on the server:


      Note: The /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/update_clients command without
            any parameters will update all the UNIX clients.
      Note: When updating an RS6000 client, there may be circumstances
            where update_clients will fail with an error similar to

            Couldn't open /usr/openv/lib/libVmangle.so on client  
            Client open errno = 26

            If this happens, execute /usr/sbin/slibclean on the client
            to be updated and re-run update_clients.

If the client (CLT) .Z file and README exist in the installation  
directory during the installation of the server maintenance pack,  
the Vrts_pack.install script will install the client maintenance  
pack automatically.  The client maintenance pack will NOT be  
installed automatically during a reinstall of the server  
maintenance pack.  

Additional Notes:

If non-root administrators use the GUI only, the nonroot_admin
script no longer needs to be run.  If the non-root administrators
use the command line or bpadm, the group and file permissions
will have to be changed manually on the NetBackup binaries.  
Users can write their own script.  The script is being phased
out because there is a slight security risk that non-root users
may be able to execute NetBackup commands only because those users
are part of a group that is allowed to execute NetBackup commands.

For "Solaris Solaris10" to show when configuring clients
into a backup policy, the following command must be executed:

Local client install:

The install script will determine if a local client install is appropriate  
and choose the appropriate client type to install.

As root on the NetBackup client:

1) Install NB_CLT_51_4_M Maintenance Pack binaries.

      cd /tmp
      /bin/sh Vrts_pack.install

  NOTE: It is not possible to install the new Linux client  
        (LinuxIBMzSeriesLinux 2.4.21) locally.  It must be installed on the
        Master server and pushed to the client.

Note:  This will ONLY uninstall the maintenance pack from your machine
      if the client maintenance pack software was installed directly on the
      machine.  This uninstall procedure will NOT work on clients that were
      installed by pushing the software from a server.
As root on the NetBackup Master/Media Server in which the maintenance pack was

   1) Close the NetBackup user interfaces.

       Make sure the NetBackup server has no active jobs running (for
       example, backups, restores, or duplications).

       If a database agent is being used, such as Oracle,  
       ensure that the database services are stopped.  

   2) Change directory to the pack save directory.  
       Substitute the pack name for $PACK in the following command:

          cd /usr/openv/pack/$PACK/save

   3) Run the un-install script:


   4) Verify that the pack uninstalled successfully by checking  

   5) If update_clients was run after the pack was originally INSTALLED,  
       run it again after that pack is successfully UNINSTALLED.

   6) If necessary, restart the NetBackup and Media Manager daemons:
       /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/goodies/netbackup start

The following are descriptions of the problems fixed.
Please read the entire document before installing.

README Conventions:

    Describes a particular problem or feature contained in this Maintenance  

** Description **  
    Describes a problem that can lead to potential data loss. Please  
    read these problem descriptions carefully.

    Any available workarounds to a problem are also listed. Workarounds  
    can be used INSTEAD of applying the patch, however, Symantec strongly  
    recommends the "best practice" of being at the latest patch level.

Additional Notes  
    Any additional information regarding this problem or feature is included.

Current pack  

Etrack Incident = ET426845

   A change has been made to avert a potential vulnerability in a Java  
   authentication service that runs on VERITAS NetBackup servers and clients.
   This change prohibits remote attackers from executing arbitrary code on a
   targeted system.  In addition, Symantec recommends that users block the
   affected ports from external network access.  

   (NetBackup Servers and Clients)

Terms of use for this information are found in Legal Notices.



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