What is Veritas VxBridge service?

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What is Veritas VxBridge service?


Veritas VxBridge is a new component introduced in Storage Foundation 4.3 for Windows and Storage Foundation High Availability(SFW-HA) 4.3 for Windows. It is a thin layer of DCOM technology that allows cross process communication between 32-bit and 64-bit Storage Foundation for Windows processes.

This component is included with all later releases of SFW and SFW-HA running 64-bit Operating System.

On 64-bit servers using SFW, Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) or SFW-HA, VxBridge.exe will load to allow communication between the 32-bit VxSVC service and the 64-bit ResrcMon (MSCS resource monitor) process. This applies to the VCSAgdriver.exe component of SFW-HA as well.

During SFW or SFWHA installation, VxBridge is registered as a service. VxBridge must be in a running state so that the cluster solution works properly. You may check that VxBridge is configured correctly by viewing its entry in HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\services\VxBridge. To ensure that VxBridge is running, check Task Manager for the process.

In SFW-HA (VCS), the VxBridge service is controlled by the cluster
  • VxBridge is started by The Veritas Hight Availability Daemon (HAD) when it initially starts.
  • If VxBridge is stopped in a VCS cluster where VMDg resources are online, HAD will automatically restart the service.
  • If VxBridge is stopped on a passive node (no VMDg resources online), it will remain offline until a VMDg resource attempts to online on the node or HAD is restarted.

In MSCS, the VxBridge service is also controlled by the cluster
  • VxBridge is started when a Volume Manager Disk Group is brought online on an MSCS cluster node and it remains online from that point forward (unless the node is rebooted).
  • If VxBridge service is stopped while VMDg resources are online in the MSCS cluster, it will be restarted automatically.
  • If VxBridge service is stopped while VMDg resources are offline, it will remain stopped but will be restarted as soon as a VMDg resource is brought online on that node

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