What is WORM media and is it supported by Backup Exec for Windows Servers?

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What is WORM media and is it supported by Backup Exec for Windows Servers?


WORM stands for ( Write Once Read Many).
It can be written to only once due. Because it is a non-rewritable, non erasable data storage media, accidental or intentional erasure of data is limited. It also provides the benefit of time and date authentication which facilitates quick search and retrieval of archived files, and can provide extra security protection for stored data.
Once recorded, WORM media cannot be rewritten or reformatted, but data can be appended to the end of previously recorded information. Additionally, all current AIT drives, including WORM-enhanced versions, have media read/write backward compatibility with previous generations for scalability and investment protection.
Tape error recovery is disabled for WORM media
Please note that WORM media has not been specifically tested for use with Backup Exec for Windows Servers 10.0 5484 and prior versions.
Backup Exec now supports the following SCSI WORM tape drives for Backup Exec for Windows Servers 10.0 5520 and later versions:
  • All Hewlett Packard LTO3 WORM tape drives and libraries that meet the LTO WORM Tape Specification, including the HP Ultrium 3 - SCSI
  • Sony AIT tape drives:
Sony SDX-500C; firmware 0200 and higher
Sony SDX-700C; firmware 0200 and higher
Sony SDX-500V; firmware 0100 and higher
Sony SDX-550V; firmware 0100 and higher
Sony SDX-700V; firmware 0100 and higher
  • IBM ULT3580 - TD3
You must manage WORM media manually because Backup Exec does not support automated management of WORM media. When using a robotic library that contains both WORM tape drives and standard tape drives, you must partition the library's magazine to separate WORM media from standard media. You can also use Backup Exec bar code rules to prevent WORM media from being mounted into tape drives that do not support the WORM feature.
Now with Symantec Backup Exec 11d the SCSI WORM tape drives are explicitly tested. Refer the Hardware Compatibility List for the same in related documents.
WORM can be used with Symantec Backup Exec 11d and 12d for ad hoc backup jobs and for backup jobs created from policies. When you select the option Use Write once, read many (WORM) media, Backup Exec confirms that the destination device is or contains a WORM-compatible drive, and that the WORM media is available in the drive. If WORM media or a WORM-compatible drive is not found, an alert is sent.

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