0xe000fedf - A failure occurred reading an object during Backup of System State (Windows 2000) or Shadow Copy Components (Windows 2003)


Backup  fails with this error during the Backup of System State (Windows 2000) or Shadow Copy Components (Windows 2003)

Error Message

Backup- Shadow?Copy?Components Shadow?Copy?Components

V-79-57344-65247 - A failure occurred reading and object.

Backup- \\XYZ.abc.com.au\System?State

V-79-57344-65247 - A failure occurred reading and object.

File \a123b4.1000.ca1 was not found, or could not  be accessed.

"Shadow?Copy?Components\System?Service\Windows Management Instrumentation\WMI" is a corrupt file.


The error can be caused by one of the following conditions:

  1. Having the File system uses asynchronous I/O option turned off.
  2. It has been determined that some antivirus scanners, such as McAfee Epolicy Orchestrator, can prevent the backup of the Shadow Copy Components. Try disabling the antivirus and running a backup of the Shadow Copy Components again. A successful backup should occur after disabling the antivirus. This should be only a temporary measure to get the backup to complete without the error. Re-enable the antivirus once the backup is complete. As a permanent fix, contact the support for the antivirus software to find out how to create a workaround for this.


  • Locate X:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\BEUtility. (Where X: is the drive that Backup Exec was installed on.)
  • Open the Utility
  • Right click the Media Server and choose the option Edit Configuration.
  • Select the check box for File system uses asynchronous I/O.
  • Description of File system uses asynchronous I/O:

Used as a technical support diagnostic option, this option determines whether Backup Exec (tm) uses a proprietary method for accessing files (on tape and on hard drive file systems) for both read and write functionality. Selecting this option means Backup Exec will use a proprietary method to accelerate such operations and clearing the check box for this option means it will not. This option will negatively affect the performance of Backup Exec tape operations (backup, verify, restore, seeking, and so on) in an attempt to resolve minor hardware-related errors.

If the problem persists, contact Symantec Technical Support for furthur assistance. 


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