How to setup Desktop and Laptop Option (DLO) for Backup Exec for Windows Servers.

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How to setup Desktop and Laptop Option (DLO) for Backup Exec for Windows Servers.


The Desktop and Laptop Option configuration wizard provides a series of wizards to set up Desktop and Laptop Option in the correct order. 
To access the Configuration Wizard:
  • In the Desktop and Laptop  navigation bar, click Setup.
  • Under Getting Started on the task pane, select Configure the Desktop and Laptop Option.

 Figure 1:

In order for Desktop and Laptop Option  to back up user data, Set the following options on Desktop and Laptop administration console:

1. Profile: Create a profile, which determines what files are backed up (selection list), when files are backed up (backup schedule), and the level of interaction the desktop user has with the Desktop Agent. Multiple Profiles can be created and assigned to users as per backup selection. See Figure 5 below on how to select the Profile for a user.


Figure 2:

2. Storage location: Determine where user data will be stored on the network. Desktop and Laptop Option requires an individual User Data Folder on the network for each desktop user. If Storage Locations are used, they will automatically create Network User Data Folders for each new Desktop Agent user under Storage Location.
If network data storage folders already exist for each user, they can be added to Desktop and Laptop Option individually or imported in bulk.

Figure 3:

3. Automated User Assignment: Create an Automated User Assignment to automatically assign a Storage Location and Profile to new users, or configure new users manually. See below Figure 4, here after you select the Domain and a Group in the domain, selected Storage locations and Profile get assigned to all the users in that Group.

Figure 4:

4. Users: Desktop users can be configured manually rather than with Automated User Assignments. This allows the use of existing network folders that are dedicated to storing backup data for specific users. Here, you can click on Browser... and select a User from the domain, select Profile (as per what and when needs to be backed up) and Storage location.

Figure 5:


5. Computers: Displays the list of computers on which desktop agent has been installed.

Figure 6:

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