VERITAS Storage Solutions and Cluster File Solutions 4.0 Maintenance Pack 2


VERITAS Storage Solutions and Cluster File Solutions 4.0 Maintenance Pack 2


Products contained in this release:

Storage Solutions Products
VERITAS Cluster Server (tm)
VERITAS File System (tm)
VERITAS Volume Manager (tm)
VERITAS Storage Foundation (tm)/Storage Foundation HA
VERITAS Storage Foundation (tm) for Oracle
VERITAS Storage Foundation (tm) for DB2
VERITAS Storage Foundation (tm) for Sybase
VERITAS SANPoint Control (tm) QuickStart

Cluster File Solutions Products
VERITAS Storage Foundation Cluster File System/Storage Foundation Cluster File System HA
VERITAS Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC

VERITAS release 4.0 or 4.0 Maintenance Pack 1 (MP1) products must be installed before updating them with MP2 patches.

Refer to the "Read This First" document, TechPDF 277632 ( in the Related Documents link of this TechFile), for more details on installation
For a list of product patches, refer to the TechPDF Release Notes links shown below
cksum information:  
# cksum ss_cfs.4.0MP2.sol.tar_277652.gz
153208705       418492076       ss_cfs.4.0MP2.sol.tar_277652.gz

Instructions before installing
1. Create a new directory and move the binary ss_cfs.4.0MP2.sol.tar_277652.gz into the new directory before untarring
# mkdir ss_cfs.4.0MP2
# mv ss_cfs.4.0MP2.sol.tar_277652.gz ss_cfs.4.0MP2

2. Then uncompress and untar the binary:
# gunzip ss_cfs.4.0MP2.sol.tar_277652.gz
# tar xvf ss_cfs.4.0MP2.sol.tar_277652
This will unpack all the directories and files in the newly created directory.

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