Tape Device I/O error occurs during the Post Backup Verify Portion of a backup operation with Backup Exec (tm) for Windows Servers

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The verify operation of the backup job fails with the I/O error on tape drive.

Error Message

Storage device reported an error on a request to write data to media. Error reported: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error


The following workaround may correct the problem in the short term but this could also be an indicator that the hardware is experiencing problems (depending on the consistency of the error). It is also advised to make the following change as a last resort to resolving the issue as this will slow down all Backup Exec tape operations (backup, verify, restore, seeking, and so on) to a certain degree (monitor the backup speed change after following this TechNote). The SCSI bus timeout TechNote referenced below should be followed first to provide a possible resolution as it more specifically addresses the hardware setup and configuration.

If all other troubleshooting has not resolved the issue and there is strong certainty the hardware setup is not at fault, then the device error can sometimes be worked around by altering the default value of the following option under BEUtility:

Open the Beutility , right click on the media server name, click Edit Media Server Configuration.  "File system uses asynchronous I/O "  option  determines whether Backup Exec uses a proprietary method for accessing files (on tape and on hard disk file systems) for both read and write functionality. By default , this option is checked.

A value of 1 means Backup Exec will use the proprietary method to accelerate such operations and a value of 0 means it will not.

Note: This workaround will slow down the completion time of most operations. Therefore if the hardware is eventually replaced, it would be optimal to revert this setting to its default once the replacement is complete.

After making the changes, stop and then restart all of the Backup Exec services in the Services applet of the operating system.

Note: I/O device errors not resolved by this option may be resolved by making updates to the drivers, firmware or hardware configuration of the devices involved. Configuration changes would include isolating a device on its own controller, reducing the total number of devices on the controller, or replacement of the hardware controller or tape device.


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