How to push install the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Backup Exec 11d thru 2010

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How to push install the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Backup Exec 11d thru 2010



To push install the Remote Agent for Windows Servers from the Backup Exec Console please follow the directions below.
(Note: screenshots are from Backup Exec 12.5)
1. On the backup media server, start Backup Exec. Click Tools | Install Agents & Media Servers on Other Servers. [ Note:This is for Backup Exec 12.0 and Above for 11d its Tools/Install remote agents]

Figure 1

2. Click Next on the Welcome screen (Figure 2).

Figure 2

3. From the Backup Exec Remote Installation screen, right-click Windows Remote Agents and click Add Remote computer (Figure 3).

Figure 3

4. Select the domains / workgroups containing the systems to which the Remote Agent is going to be installed.  Then select each of the destination systems.  Multiple systems can be selected by holding the CTRL key on the keyboard and clicking on each server.
5. The Remote Computer Logon Credentials information dialog is displayed. Type the user name and password of the account that has administrative rights on each remote computer, and click OK (Figure 4).

Figure 4

Note : Choose the option Use this user name and password when attempting to connect to additional computers during the installation to use the same login credentials when installing additional Remote Agents (highlighted in Figure 4 above).
6. From the right pane, select the Remote Agent for Windows Servers option and then select This feature will be installed on ServerName's hard drive. (Figure 5).

Figure 5

7. Click OK on the window that appears for Publish Remote Agent Information.  This is stating to which Media server name the Remote Agent will be communicating to.
Figure 6
8. Click Install to begin install of the remote agent (Figure 6).

Figure 7

Figure 8

Note : After successful installation of a remote agent, reboot is not necessary unless the Advanced Open File Option (AOFO) is selected for installation during the install of the Remote Agent (but still recommended which user can schedule at later time). Even without rebooting the server Backup and Restore Operations can still be performed without AOFO.



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