How to backup the System_State "Now known as Shadow Copy Components" in Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 with VERITAS NetBackup (tm) Enterprise Server "All Versions"

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How to backup the System_State in Windows 2003 with VERITAS NetBackup (tm) Enterprise Server "All Versions".


NetBackup Enterprise Server 5.1 and later added a new feature for Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 a Directive Set for Windows2003 and Windows2008. The Directive Set for Windows 2003 clients is available in the MS-Windows-NT policy and contains the directive for Shadow Copy Components:\. (Figure 1).

As defined by NetBackup System Administration Guide Volume 1:
This directive affects Windows 2003 and 2008 Server computers that use the Volume Shadow Copy components.
The Shadow Copy Components:\ directive specifies that all of the Volume Shadow Copy component writers get backed up.
Selecting this directive insures that all of the necessary components be backed up.
The Volume Shadow Copy components include the following:
System State writers, which can include:
System Files
COM+ Class Registration Database
Active Directory
Cluster Quorum
Certificate Services
Internet Information Services
System Service writers, which can include:
Removable Storage Manager
Event Logs
Windows Internet Name Service
Windows Management Instrumentation
Remote Storage
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
Terminal Server Licensing
Background Intelligent Transfer Service
User Data writers, which includes items that are not required by the machine to operate. For example, Active Directory Application Mode.
Other Data writers, a category intended for future NetBackup releases.

  • The Shadow Copy Components:\ directive replaces the System_State:\ directive for Windows 2003 backup.
  • Shadow Copy Components:\ does not contain an underscore (_) as does System_State:\.
  • Shadow Copy Components:\ is case sensitive.
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All Windows 2003 Servers recognize the System_State:\ directive and behave as if following the Shadow Copy Components:\ directive.
A message in the bpbkar log file informs the user that this directive translation has occurred.
Example: bpbkar log

2:11:15.906 PM: [3376.3416] <4> dos_backup::V_VerifyFileSystem: INF - Removed: System_State:\
2:11:15.906 PM: [3376.3416] <4> dos_backup::V_VerifyFileSystem: INF - Added: Shadow Copy Components:

The directive translation applies to all Windows 2003 clients when Backup Selections specify a System State:\ or the ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES directive.

Example: A MS-Windows-NT policy is configured with both Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 clients. The file list contains the System_State:\ directive.
In this example, the Windows 2000 client performs a System_State:\ backup, the Windows 2003 and 2008 clients performs a Shadow Copy Components:\ backup.

Please note, however, that the reverse is not true for directive translation.
A Windows 2000 client backup will fail with a Status Code 71 (none of the files in the file list exist) when the Backup Selections are set to Shadow Copy Components:\.

Therefore, the best practice when combining Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 clients in the same Policy is to use the System_State:\ or ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES directive.  It is redundant to include ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES and/or System_State:\ and/or Shadow Copy Components:\.  Please Note:  As a best practice guideline, VERITAS recommends one setting and not two or three in any combination.

WARNING: You will not be able to successfully recover a Windows 2003 server with only the System_State backup.

Figure 1

For complete details on Shadow Copy Components please refer to the VERITAS NetBackup (tm) System Administrator's Guide for Windows, Volume I.

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