Creating, configuring, and targeting a backup job to a Robotic Library partition in Backup Exec For Windows Server

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Creating, configuring, and targeting a backup job to a Robotic Library partition in Backup Exec For Windows Server


Slots in a library can be grouped together to form partitions. Partitioning a library provides more control over which media is used for backup jobs. Setting up Robotic Library partitions in Backup Exec creates a drive pool for each partition.

When a job is selected to run on a particular partition, it runs on the media inserted in the partition's slots.

Considering the scenario of a Robotic Library with six slots:

Robotic Library Slots = 6
Number of Partitions created = 2 (partition 1 and partition 2)
Slots per partition = 3

To run weekly jobs on slot 1 to slot 3, target the backup job to partition 1.
Note: If the Robotic Library is partitioned, Backup Exec searches for the oldest recyclable media in the targeted partition only. If more than one media meeting the requirements are found, Backup Exec then selects the media in the lowest-numbered slot, i.e. media in slot 2 would be chosen over equivalent media in slot 4.
To create partitions:

1. On the navigation bar, click Devices (Figure 1)

Figure 1

2. Expand the server icon and click Robotic Libraries (Figure 2)

Figure 2

3. Select the robotic library containing the slots to be partitioned (Figure 3)

Figure 3

4. Click Configure Partitions located under Robotic Library Tasks (Figure 3)
5. Select the Robotic Library slots to include in each partition by clicking the slots on which each new partition should begin. A partition divider listing the range of slots included in the partition is inserted wherever clicked (Figure 4).
For example, for creating two 11 slot partitions on a robotic library with 22 slots, click slot 1 and slot 12. In this example, slots 1-11 will be included in the first partition and slots 12-22 will be included in the second (Figure 4).
Partitions can include any number of Robotic Library slots, however, the first partition cannot be moved or deleted when other partitions exist.

Figure 4

6. Click OK after configuring partitions

7. Click Yes to accept the partitions

The partitions now appear under Robotic Libraries for the robotic library on which they were created (Figure 5).

Figure 5

After defining the partitions, jobs can be submitted to those partitions. The partitions  appear in the list of devices along with other devices available to the media server. Click the target partition drive pool and run the job as any other Backup Exec job (Figure 6).

Figure 6

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