How to download the Veritas VRTSspt Support Tools package

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How to download the Veritas VRTSspt Support Tools package

VRTSspt package is a collection of Veritas support tools for troubleshooting and collecting information or configuration of a system. This package is included on all the Veritas SFHA installation media and installed by default, if Recommended or All Packages selections are chosen, when the product installer is used.

This package is optional and the contained tools are not required for normal operation of any Storage Foundation High Availability Solutions (SFHA) or InfoScale Solutions. In general, these tools only gather configuration information. however for some tools there may be a performance impact on the system while doing so.

WARNING: These tools are designed to be used under the direction of a Veritas Technical Support Engineer only. Any other use of these tools is at your own risk.

If you are only trying to obtain the Data Collector utility (formerly known as VRTSexplorer), please see the following technote:
(TECH203525) Using the SORT Data Collector to gather logs for InfoScale and Storage Foundation Technical Support



How to obtain VRTSspt

The VRTSspt package in installed as part of the core storage foundation packages since version 5.0. Please access your install media for this package. If further assistance is needed to locate this package please contact your service agent.

Package Installation

From the directory where the package is downloaded, uncompress and extract the tar archive for your platform.

For example:

cd <dir>
gzip –d <filename>.tar.gz
tar xvf <filename>.tar

Use the native tools of the platform to install the package. The package will be installed in /opt/VRTSspt and will consume ~200MB space.


Browse to the directory containing the package.

# cd <dir>/aix/pkgs


Install the VRTSspt package

# installp -ac -d ./VRTSspt.bff VRTSspt


Browse to the directory containing the package.

# cd <dir>/hpux1131/pkgs


Install the VRTSspt package

#swinstall -s `pwd` VRTSspt


Browse to the directory containing the package.

# cd <dir>/linux/pkgs


Install the VRTSspt package.

rpm -i ./VRTSspt-*.rpm

Solaris 11
Browse to the directory containing the package.

# cd <dir>/sol11_x64/pkgs


#cd <dir/sol11_sparc/pkgs


If the VRTSspt package is currently not installed on your system, then perform an initial install.

# pkg install --accept -g ./VRTSspt.p5p VRTSspt


If there is a VRTSspt package already installed on your system, then perform an upgrade (or downgrade) install.

# pkg update -g ./VRTSspt.p5p VRTSspt


To see package information, execute

# pkg info VRTSspt


Solaris 9 or 10
Browse to the directory containing the package.

# cd <dir>/sol_sparc/pkgs


# cd <dir>/sol_x64/pkgs


Install the package

# pkgadd -d ./VRTSspt.pkg


Package Removal

# installp -u VRTSspt

# swremove VRTSspt

# rpm -e <package_name>

Solaris 11 
# pkg uninstall VRTSspt

Solaris 9 & 10
# pkgrm VRTSspt


VRTSspt Package Contents
Below are the tools included in the VRTSspt package:

metasave - gathers metadata from a Veritas File System.

vxbench - generates various I/Os for benchmarking file system performance.

VRTSexplorer - for Veritas Storage Foundation 6.0, and above, this program calls DataCollector for gathering configuration information about the system, and any installed Veritas products.

DataCollector - gathers configuration information about the system(s) and any installed Veritas products.

FirstLook - collects time-correlated performance information using standard OS tools.

vvrmemstat - gathers Veritas Volume Replicator memory usage statistics in old versions of VVR. The vxmemstat (replacement utility) is shipped with recent versions of VVR

volsig - determines the data consistency between the volumes on the primary, and those on the secondary, in a Veritas Volume Replicator configuration, for VxVM/VVR 3.5 and later, use "vradmin -verify synvol" instead. - simulates traffic between the Primary and Secondary nodes in a Veritas Volume Replicator configuration.

vvr_stats - collects various VVR related performance statistics such as "vxrlink status" and "netstat."

kmsgdump - collects kmsg from a live CVM system running old versions of CVM. Note kmsgdump is included in recent versions of CVM. - collects performance, and memory, statistics, as well as HAd stack traces, from a crash dump after a GAB panic due to a client heartbeat failure. This is to be used with the SCAT debugger on Solaris.

chr2num.c - a small utility to convert an ASCII character to its numeric value. This binary is used in tool.

cfstlist  - utility to provide cluster wide threadlist via ssh/rsh.

fscompactilist - VxFS 5.x ILIST compaction tool

nettest  - Utility to test network characteristics, especially when using TCP/IP as transport protocol (round trip time/Throughput/Buffer characteristics).


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