Unable to restore files in a Virtual Machine after catalog files are truncated.


An issue is observed after catalog files have been truncated.  Although the catalog job completes successfully, no files, VM's or applications can be browsed. In the Backup and Restore tab > Resource Name > Restore button, the restore selection list cannot be expanded. (Figure 1)


Figure 1




Note: The catalogs truncation can be set by Backup Exec icon > Configuration and Settings > Backup Exec Settings > Catalog (Figure 2)

Figure 2





The set is already indexed as the catalog .xml file is still present and will not update the catalogs with the full view before the catalogs are re-indexed without this .xml file

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Use Instant GRT with Backup Exec 15 Feature Pack 4 or above. Large catalog files are not created when enabling Instant GRT.
Please refer to 000108663 for more information about Instant GRT.


Disable the catalog truncation if GRT is required.

It is recommended to move the catalog location to a new directory if disk space is insufficient or increase the size of the current volume.  Please refer to TECH210578 for more information to move the catalog location.


To re-enable the restore view after the catalogs have been truncated.

Empty the index and run a new catalog job;

1) Open Admin Console and go to Backup and Restore tab.

2) Drill down into the host server.

3) Select Backup Sets pane.

4) Drill down into the backup set to be restored.

5) In Properties pane, write down Catalog File Name (Figure 3.)

Figure 3


6) Stop Backup Exec services.

7) Go to Catalog location. Below is the default location.

C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\catalogs\<computer_name>

8) Delete the catalog file which is written down in step #5.
    The file extensions are both .fh and .xml (Figure 4.)

Figure 4.

9) Start Backup Exec services

10) Open Admin Console and go to Storage tab.

10-1) When using Robotic Library

Select a slot which the tape is inserted then run catalog job.

10-2) When using Single tape drive

Insert the tape to the drive then run inventory and catalog jobs.

10-3) When using disk based storage

Select the storage and run catalog job.
Note: The catalog job scans all backup set existing in the storage. This may take a long time.

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