PDDODataRemoval is failing with error message: duplicate key violates unique constraint "ds_raw__unique_dirname_basename"

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PDDODataRemoval is failing with error message:
duplicate key violates unique constraint "ds_raw_<ds_id>_unique_dirname_basename"

Error Message

The following error message can be seen in /Storage/log/PDDODataRemoval.log:
*** Error Message ***
severity: 6
server: 2
source: PDDODataRemoval_PDDODataRemoval
date: 2014-May-29 08:15:05 CDT
[2]pg_query(): Query failed: ERROR: duplicate key violates unique constraint
*** End ***

The value of ds_id in ds_raw_<ds_id>_unique_dirname_basename (2 in the above example) may differ depending on the system and which data selection PDDO is associated with.


An additional constraint was placed on the database to ensure uniqueness in the database for client and policy (directory name and basename in the database).  The result of the unique contstraint caused PDDODataRemoval to fail when attempting to correct duplicates found in the metabase database.


The formal resolution for this issue (ETrack 3525863) is included in the following release:

  • NetBackup 50x0 Appliances 1.4.5

Deduplication Appliances 1.4.5 is now available - download and README information can be found via the Related Article linked below.

This issue is not scheduled to be resolved in a future release of NetBackup PureDisk.  NetBackup PureDisk 6.6.5 is currently scheduled to be the final release update of the product.

Apply the appropriate hotfix attached to the Related Article which will remove the duplicates and correct any associated records.


Applies To

This issue affects the following products and versions:

  • Deduplication Appliances, 1.4.4
  • NetBackup PureDisk 6.6.4, 6.6.5

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