After upgrade a NetBackup Appliance to version 2.6.0.x, "noncritical" fan firmware issues recur.

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A previously reported fan issue seen in NetBackup Appliances 2.5.x versions has been reported on NetBackup 5220 Appliances with JBODs running 2.6.0.x or 2.6.1.  The same "Noncritical" warnings on FAN 1 and 2 are reported for the Storage shelf, and the RPMs appear to be stuck around 8k RPMs.

Error Message

enclosure_1_power_1_ack No 
enclosure_1_power_1_ackid ack:nbmedia-dd1:enclosure:power:EnclosureID-24_ID-1 
enclosure_1_power_1_errorstatus CRITICAL 2 Must equal [0] 
enclosure_1_power_1_state Warning 
enclosure_1_power_1_status Noncritical 
enclosure_1_fan_1_ack No 
enclosure_1_fan_1_ackid ack:nbmedia-dd1:enclosure:fan:EnclosureID-24_ID-fan1 
enclosure_1_fan_1_errorstatus CRITICAL 1 Must equal [0] 
enclosure_1_fan_1_lowwatermark 2000 RPM 
enclosure_1_fan_1_speed 8110 RPM 
enclosure_1_fan_1_state Failed 
enclosure_1_fan_1_status Noncritical 
enclosure_1_fan_2_ack No 
enclosure_1_fan_2_ackid ack:nbmedia-dd1:enclosure:fan:EnclosureID-24_ID-fan2 
enclosure_1_fan_2_errorstatus CRITICAL 1 Must equal [0] 
enclosure_1_fan_2_lowwatermark 2000 RPM 
enclosure_1_fan_2_speed 8010 RPM 
enclosure_1_fan_2_state Failed 
enclosure_1_fan_2_status Noncritical


Fans run at higher speeds to compensate for higher temperatures and are stuck at high RPMs, producing a peculiar noise and raising an alert.


The formal resolution for this issue (ETrack 3424117) is included in the following version:

  • NetBackup Appliances

NetBackup Appliances is now available - download and README information can be found via the Related Article linked below.

For NetBackup Appliances, or, download and install the appropriate EEB (Emergency Engineering Binary) hotfix attached to this document.

Note: These hotfixes are no longer publicly available, as their fixes are included in the release. If this issue is experienced, it is recommended to upgrade the NetBackup Appliances to the latest version.

If this issue is experienced with other NetBackup Appliance versions, please contact Veritas technical support, referencing this document and Etrack 3424117.


Applies To

52xx appliances with JBOD(s) running version 2.6.0.x or 2.6.1.

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