How to get operating system patches for VERITAS 3.5 products for HP-UX 11.11


How to get operating system patches for VERITAS 3.5 products for HP-UX 11.11


VERITAS 3.5 for HP-UX Patch Requirements

The following is a current list of required or recommended patches for the 3.5 release of VERITAS Volume Manager (VxVM0, VERITAS File System (VxFS), and VERITAS Cluster File System (CFS) (SANPoint Foundation Suite) for HP-UX.

Required patches are noted in parentheses.

HP-UX Patch ID   Description
-----------------------   -----------------
PHCO_29379      Patch for VxVM rootability changes to Logical Volume Manager (LVM) commands.

PHCO_27100      Patch for VxVM rootability changes to the HFS mkfs command.

PHCO_27101      VxVM rootability changes to the mkboot command. (Required)

PHCO_27103      Patch for VxVM rootability changes to /sbin/pre_init_rc.

PHCO_28845      VxVM ioinitrc patch.

PHCO_28169      VxVM rootability changes to the insf command. (Required)

PHKL_28185      VxFS. (Required only for the operation of the vx_ninode
                         tunable parameter.) The vx_ninode parameter specifies
                         the maximum number of inodes available in the VxFS
                         in-memory inode cache. If not explicitly specified, the
                         value of vx_ninode is based on how much physical memory
                         is available on the system. See the VERITAS File System
                         Administrator's Guide for more information.

PHKL_30218       VxVM rootability changes to the HP-UX kernel. (Required)

PHKL_27177       VxVM boot support changes for the OS bootloader.

PHKL_29365       SCSI I/O Subsystem Cumulative Patch.

PHKL_30541      Cluster File System. Features added in HP-UX VFS layer to support VxFS 3.5 (may require PHCO_27957). (Required)

You can obtain the patches listed above, or their superseding patches, through the HP IT Resource Center Web site:

Select "Individual Patches" to search the patch database.  Select "HP-UX Patches," then select "11.11" as the OS version and search for the product keyword, VxVM or VxFS, to get a list of patches.

This list is subject to change without notice. Patches can be superseded or withdrawn at any time, so always be sure to check the status of a patch before downloading it.

Terms of use for this information are found in Legal Notices.



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