Restore using Veritas Recovery Disk (SRD) cannot proceed due to: 'EC950006: The destination is not valid'.

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Restores using the Veritas Recovery Disk (SRD) cannot proceed due to error shown below.

This issue is specific to FAT16 partitions.

Error Message

EC950006: The destination is not valid.

Error setting target segment.


This issue has been fixed in Veritas System Recovery 2013 R2.

Please download Veritas System Recovery 2013 R2 and upgrade to System Recovery 2013 R2.

MyVeritas portal (See )

Note: Veritas continues to focus on the current release and future releases, there are no plans to address this issue by way of a patch or hotfix in earlier versions of the software at the present time. Please contact your Veritas Sales representative or the Veritas Partner for upgrade information including upgrade eligibility to the release containing the resolution for this issue.



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