Virtual machine does not power on after a Hyper-V restore of a virtual machine with pass-through disks or shared vhdx files

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When restoring to a new virtual machine, the Hyper-V Access Control List (ACL) denies access to the pass-through disks or the shared vhdx files. As a result, the virtual machine does not power on. This issue does not occur when restoring over an existing virtual machine.

Error Message

V-79-40960-38515 The virtual machine was backed up but the shared VHDX files associated with this virtual machine were not backed up.  Use the Backup Exec Agent for Windows on the Hyper-V Host to perform backup and restore operations of the volumes that contain the shared VHDX Files.


Remove the pass-through disk or the shared vhdx files from the virtual machine's configuration, and then re-add them to the virtual machine's configuration.


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