Users are repeatedly prompted for credentials when SISParts are not available from store while attempting to retrieve an item

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In rare instances where archived items have been shared between Vault Stores and SISParts are missing from storage, the end user may be repeatedly prompted for credentials.  This is only seen where Enterprise Vault Optimized Single Instance Storage (OSIS) or "Sharing" feature has been enabled.
The issue has been observed to occur under the following three conditions:
  1. Sharing has been enabled at the Vault Store Group level
  2. Sharing has occurred between 2 or more Vault Stores
  3. SISPart files are unavailable to the EV processes during retrieval of an item
An example scenario of how this occurs is a follows:
Example Environment:
  • Vault Store Group "VSG1" contains two Vault Stores "VS1" and "VS2", where sharing has been configured at the Vault Store Group level.  
  • Vault Store "VS1" contains archives for "User 1" and "User 2"
  • Vault Store "VS2" contains the Journal Archive for the same domain.  
  • Journal and Mailbox archiving are configured in the domain

"User 1" sends an email to "User 2" containing several attachments, the Journal Archiving task then archives the item first placing the email/attachments in "VS2". At a later point the Mailbox Archiving task archives the same email identifying that the attachments have already have been archived and "Shares" them between the two vault stores. At some point during the life time of the "VS2" Vault store the SISPart files become unavailable to EV processes.  When the user attempts to recall the item via the EV Outlook Add-in they are repeatedly prompted for credentials no mater how many times they enter in the correct credentials.

Error Message

 On the end user's system a credential prompt will be displayed referencing the EV server

Upon pressing Cancel button the shortcut will open and display the following message

In the Event log on the enterprise Vault Server a 6882 will be shown

Source: Enterprise Vault
Event ID: 6882
Task Category: Storage Online
Level: Error
Keywords: ClassicComputer: EV-EXCH.EV10.local
Unable to complete retrieval request

Reason: The specified Saveset does not exist. (0xc0041aac)
Vault: Inbox
Vault Id: 17A142DC05D93D54797CCF9FC1E2414D31110000EV-EXCH.EV10.local
Item Id: 201404177755401~201404171717560000~Z~B0D588AF65304E41ACB0A0CDBF41EB21
Reference: Vault/RI

To Confirm that the issue is present in the environment, performing a dumpsaveset and dtrace of the operation will enable confirmation of the issue.  

  1. Using the Dtrace utility start a Dtrace on the EVSVR process using the command line instructions provided in
        Activate the Dtrace for the EVSVR process using the following command
        set EVSVR v
  2. Using the information from the 6882 event perform a dump saveset of the item according to the instructions in
        "Vault ID" is used as the <VaultStoreIdOrArchiveId>
        "Item ID" is used as <SavesetIdOrTransactionId>
  3. Stop the Dtrace according the instructions in
  4. Open the Dtrace using a text editor and search for the string "CEVByteStream::OpenStreamOnFile".  Look to see if there are any error codes present, from the example above the error would show as "The system cannot find the file specified.  (0x80070002)".  In the Dtrace excerpt below the last line contains the error, by examining the lines above the error the SISPart file name and location can be seen.
    [7284] (evsvr) <6432> EV:M Reading part from: C:\Enterprise Vault Stores\vs2 Ptn2\2014\04-17\B\0C3\B0C3A562B990C4324B08945160F6A1B1~11~2ECA16A5~00~1.DVSSP
    [7284] (evsvr) <6432> EV:L {EVCommandExecutor::ExecuteCommand} (Entry)
    [7284] (evsvr) <6432> EV:L {OpenStreamOnFileCommand::Execute} (Entry)
    [7284] (evsvr) <6432> EV:H {CEVByteStream::OpenStreamOnFile:#139} _com_error exception: [The system cannot find the file specified.  (0x80070002)]
  5. If the Partition location belongs to a different vault store than where the user's archive resides, the issue is likely to be present in the environment.


The issue occurs due to an inconsistency in how the error detected is relayed back to the client machine.


This issue has been addressed in the following releases:
Enterprise Vault 11.0.0 Cumulative Hotfix 2 Release
Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 – Release Details

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