Error V-40-49152-9 "Your user account does not have the privileges required to perform the operation" appears in Storage Foundation for Windows 6.1

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When logging into Veritas Enterprise Administrator (VEA) with an account other than the administrator account, you are able to log in. But when trying to perform administrative tasks inside VEA, you encounter error V-40-49152-9.

Error Message

Error V-40-49152-9  "Your user account does not have the privileges required to perform the operation"




There are two identified issues.

  1. In cases where the user is not a member of a nested security group, the VEA logon routine checks for the username, not the privileges. Thus, the user's privileges were not verified, and the user could not perform operations that required those privileges.

  2. In cases of permissions issues with users who are members of nested security groups, the NetUserGetLocalGroups Microsoft API has a limitation which does not return nested administrator group membership, if the group is nested more than, or equal to, two levels. Thus, users who are logged in using the Connect Using: Logged On User on this computer option could not perform operations, as their permissions could not be verified.


Both these issues have been identified and fixed in Cumulative Pack (CP) 5 for Storage Foundation for Windows. Patches can be downloaded from here:


This is an alternate workaround for either of the identified causes.

When connecting to VEA:

1. Enter the host name to which you are connecting.

2. Select Connect using a different user account then click Connect.


3. Enter the user name, using the domain\username format, along with the password.

Applies to

  • Storage Foundation for Windows 6.1
  • Storage Foundation HA for Windows 6.1
  • Windows 2008
  • Windows 2008 R2
  • Windows 2012
  • Windows 2012 R2

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