The restore of a Sharepoint Document Library or List may fail to restore security

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When a Granular Restore Technology (GRT) restore of a document  library or list to Sharepoint is performed, the restore will complete but the security put on the list or library may not  be reinstated as original.

Error Message

Final error: 0xe0000366 - Backup Exec cannot restore a Sharepoint List. Ensure
that the logon account has the proper credentials, and then try again.
Final error category: Resource Errors


Restore- Sharepoint - 80\Content-DB 1
(SPSQL\SHAREPOINT\WSS_Content) V-79-57344-870 - Backup Exec
cannot restore Restore Test

sites/Portal/Group/NE/ENG. Ensure that the logon account has the proper
credentials, and then try again.

Error writing file data.

The library/list and all docs ARE restored but the security is not set as original - it was observed to only restore permissions that are inherited from the parent container.


Sharepoint Verbose Diagnostic Logging, when enabled, has been seen to cause this problems.


Reset to default level the Sharepoint Verbose Diagnostic Logging within the Sharepoint Central Admin console.

For Sharepoint 2010 or 2013, the following are the steps used to reset diagnostic logging to the default level.  Consult Microsoft documentation for more information.

  1. Verify that the user account that is performing this procedure is a member of the Farm Administrators group.

  2. On the Central Administration Home page, click Monitoring.

  3. On the Monitoring page, in the Reporting section, click Configure diagnostic logging.

  4. In the Event Throttling section, in the Least critical event to report to the event log list and Least critical event to report to the trace log list, select Reset to default.

  5. Click OK.

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