Unable to perform Exchange granular restores due to 'Error in the application'.

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Granular restores of Exchange data using the Granular Restore Option (GRO) are not possible due to 'Error in the application' when loading the recovery points.

Error Message

Error in the application

The following error is seen in GranularRestore.log.txt:

525,55 3,62 3,62 Image mounted successfully.
526,53 0,98 0,98 Exchange binary directory path is empty.
526,61 0,08 0,08 Symantec.GIR.MessageObjectProcessor.PathMappingException: Error in the application.
   at Symantec.GIR.MessageObjectProcessor.RecoveryPoint.MapPath(String path)
   at Symantec.GIR.MessageObjectProcessor.ExchangeRepairThreadManager.Run(RecoveryPoint recoveryPoint, StorageGroup storageGroup, MessageStore messageStore)
   at Symantec.GIR.ExchangeMailControl.LoadingDlg.RepairAndConnect(StorageGroup storageGroup, MessageStore messageStore)
   at Symantec.GIR.ExchangeMailControl.ExchangeMailRestoreView.OnMessageStoreComboBoxSelectedIndexChanged(Object sender, EventArgs e)


This issue is fixed in Veritas System Recovery (SSR) 2013 R2 (more details here: https://www.veritas.com/docs/000023696).

The following statement applies to SSR 2013 (non-R2):

A supported hotfix has been made available for this issue. Please contact Veritas Technical Support to obtain this fix. This hotfix has not yet gone through any extensive Q&A testing. Consequently, if you are not adversely affected by this problem and have a satisfactory temporary workaround in place, we recommend that you wait for the public release of this hotfix.

Applies To

Exchange Server 2010

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