EVSVR DirectoryArchives Repair cannot move savesets from duplicate to existing/recreated ArchiveFolders with 10,000 items or more.

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When running EVSVR DirectoryArchives repair to recreate records missing in the Directory Database. At Step11 if EVSVR encounters a folder with more than 10,000 items the thread exits and thus remaining folders are not processed.

Error Message

EVSVR Log Snippet

Step 11 - Move Savesets from duplicate to existing or recreated ArchiveFolders

Error while moving Savesets, Error: Success  (0)
ArchiveFolder EntryId: 16890EEC5C748374CA96427575D1AA8581110000EV001(98) Folder path: ?Sent Items
Existing EntryId:10D91BE35A4E2624798962B3CB1A751301110000EV001

From the dtrace of EVSVR process on the EV Server-

(evsvr) <288> EV:M CVaultStoreDB::DeviceTypeFromPartID: PartID 8 is NTFS
(evsvr) <288> EV:M CVaultStoreDB::ReadSavesetInformation:  201304256914641~201304181247000000~Z~C0794F3931523F505A0055DEE8B78D11
 CollectionIdentity: 1970052 SavesetIdentity: 154852956
(evsvr) <288> EV:H {CRepairArchivesDirectoryExchangeMailbox::MoveSavesetsThread:#3455}_com_error
 exception: [Maximum number of items has been reached. Cannot add any more items to the update request.(0xc0041b5f)]
(evsvr) <288> EV:L {CArchiveList::AddFailedArchive}(Entry)
(evsvr) <288> EV:L {CArchiveList::AddFailedArchive}(Exit)Status:[Success]
(evsvr) <288> EV:L {CLogFile::Write} (Entry)
(evsvr) <288> EV:L  CLogFile::Write-[(null) | Error while moving Savesets, Error: Success(0)|
ArchiveFolder EntryId:16890EEC5C748374CA96427575D1AA8581110000EV001(98)Folder path:?Sent Items
Existing EntryId:  10D91BE35A4E2624798962B3CB1A751301110000EV001]
(evsvr) <288> EV:L {CLogFile::Write} (Exit)Status:[Success]
(evsvr) <288> EV:L {CRepairArchivesDirectoryExchangeMailbox::MoveSavesetsThread}(Exit)Status:[Success]
(evsvr) <288> EV:L  SingletonRegistry: US '0X1A2ED98TransactionContext'
(evsvr) <288> EV:L  SingletonRegistry: US '0X1A2ED981'
(evsvr) <288> EV:L  SingletonRegistry: US '0X1A2ED98'
(evsvr) <288> EV:M CRepairArchivesDirectoryExchangeMailbox::MoveSavesetsThread-thread exiting 0x00000000
(evsvr) <288> EV:L {CRepairArchivesDirectoryExchangeMailbox::MoveSavesetsThread} (Exit) Status:[Success]


While moving savesets during an ArchivesDirectory repair operation, there is limit of 10,000 (10K) items per batch. When this limit is crossed, the EVSVR operation logs appropriate error and exits without further processing remaining items. 


This issue has been addressed in the following release:

Symantec Enterprise Vault 11.0 0 Release Details

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