List of fixes included in the NetBackup Appliances 2.5.2 EEB bundle

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Fixes for the following Etracks are available when requesting the EEB (Emergency Engineering Binary) bundle for NetBackup 52x0 Appliances 2.5.2 by contacting Veritas technical support, referencing this document and Etrack 3406212:


(ET 2967999) Telemetry data filling root partition on NBU5220 appliance running 2.5.1 release

(ET 3116615) High IO Alerts noted following 2.5.2 update.

(ET 3200495) Enhance BBU Monitoring Logic

(ET 3227113) Qualify new 5220 Intel SROMBSAS MP2 RAID Controller Firmware Package

(ET 3238994) WriteThrough state of the Virtual Disks during battery relearn cycle is generating hardware alerts.

(ET 3241400) fails to free /log disk space

(ET 3290121) Backport of changes made for APP 2.5.2/2.5.3.

(ET 3323356) 5230 appliances not displaying (RAID 6) disk information correctly in the CLISH/WebUI after chassis replacement.

Additional information on some of these specific issues can be found in the Related Articles linked below.

Resolutions for all of these issues are scheduled to be included in the following release:

  • NetBackup Appliances

When this version is released, please access the following link for download and README information:



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