Backup Exec Oracle Agent for Windows backups fail with "authentication failed to connect" despite correct user name, password and Oracle configuration and the Backup Exec Engine service may crash when this occurs.

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Attempting to execute an Oracle agent backup on a Windows will cause the error listed below.  The Backup Exec engine service will often crash when this error occurs.  Investigation of the Backup Exec Engine log will reveal that Backup Exec is unable to validate credentials for the machine resource:

BENGINE:  [10/06/13 14:24:41] [3520]     2013-10-06T14:24:40.077
[server]             - ALERT :: Credentials for resource not found!. Enumeration failed.

Error Message

0xe000fe29 - Authentication failed on connection to server. Make sure that the user account has the appropriate permissions and that the password was typed correctly.


Backup Exec attempts to validate credentials against an Oracle server via Fully Qualified Domain name (FQDN), but fails to find the resource when the server is added to the servers list via NETBIOS name.  Credential validation fails when this occurs.



Delete the Oracle server from the servers list, and re-add the server via FQDN.


Applies To

Issue has been observed within environments running Oracle on Windows. 

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