How to confirm operational status after has replaced the RAID BBU on the Backup Exec 3600 R2 Appliance


Veritas has completed the RAID BBU (Battery Backup Unit) replacement on your Appliance.  Please follow the tech note to confirm everything is working as expected and the Appliance is functioning properly.  However, if you experience any difficulties with this process then contact Support for assistance.



Immediately after replacement, we recommend you perform the following actions so that you are aware of the steps required after a battery has been replaced on the Backup Exec 3600 R2 Appliance:
1)    Verify that the Appliance boots up properly and sees all the disks
a.    If the Appliance doesn’t boot up then check the BIOS order, ensure that boot option "ICHx/ESB2 Embedded  RAID" is set. This can be done one of two ways:
                                          i.    Use crash cart and reboot appliance then access BIOS.
1.    Connect a monitor and keyboard to ports on the rear of the Appliance.
2.    Turn on the the Appliance.
3.    Press <F2> to enter the BIOS Main menu.
4.    Use the arrow keys to move right and select the Boot Order tab.
5.    Select the Hard Disk Order and press Enter.
6.    In the popup, set Boot Option #1 to option "ICHx/ESB2 Embedded  RAID".
                                         ii.    Access  the Appliance through RMM
1.    Access the Appliance through a web browser using the RMM IP.
2.    Go to the Remote Control tab then Launch Console
3.    Here you can see and access the Appliance during boot up.
4.    You can also reset the Appliance from remote control -> server power control
b.    The CE can verify the Appliance system condition at least before leaving site or the Customer can confirm by looking at the status LEDs on the front of the Appliance then updating the TSE.
2)    If the Appliance boots up successfully then verify that all disks are seen.
3)    The Battery Backup Unit (BBU) will have to do a recalibration and relearn. This may take up to 24 hours to complete.
a.    Recalibration process will include –
                                          i.   Battery has been replaced
                                         ii.   Battery started charging
                                        iii.   Battery charge complete
                                       iv.    Battery relearn started
                                        v.    Battery is discharging
                                       vi.    Battery relearn completed
                                      vii.    Battery started charging
                                     viii.    Battery requires reconditioning; please initiate a learn cycle
                                       ix.    Battery relearn started
                                        x.    Battery is discharging
                                       xi.    Battery relearn completed
                                      xii.    Battery started charging
                                     xiii.    Battery charging completed
4)    Until the Battery Backup Unit (BBU) has completed recalibration you will see RAID failure Alerts.
5)    When the BBU is recalibrating or running a relearn, run these commands to monitor the status:
a.    Cache will be in writethrough for adapter that had BBU replaced or in relearn -C:\Program Files\Symantec\BEAppliance\Tools>CmdTool2.exe -LDGetProp -Cache –LALL –aALL
b.    To check status of BBU for a particular adapter:
C:\Program Files\Symantec\BEAppliance\Tools>CmdTool2.exe -AdpBbuCmd -a1 ### Example for Adapter 1
                                          i.   Charging Status : <none, charging and discharging> ### none when it’s completed.
                                         ii.   Learn Cycle Requested : <No or Ok> ### ok when relearn is pending
                                        iii.   Learn Cycle Active : <No or Ok> ### when started
                                       iv.    Relative State of Charge : <percentage will change as discharging and charging>
                                        v.    Absolute State of Charge : <percentage will change as discharging and charging>
Note: when the relearn is completed and charging status is none, then you want to see a charge above 80 % (threshold) at least for both Relative and Absolute. Every few days there will be recharges when BBU’s are below 80 % and this is normal.
6)    Verify from the Appliance WebUI that it states version Version 3.0.422.0. Run this command to verify that it using FW Package Build: 11.0.1-0057
C:\Program Files\Symantec\BEAppliance\Tools>CmdTool2.exe –AdpAllInfo –aAll
a.    If the Appliance WebUI is showing a lesser version than 3.0.422.0 it will also not have fw package 11.0.1-0057 and the Appliance needs to be updated. To do this:
                                          i.    Log on to Appliance Web Ui
                                         ii.   Click on the “Manage” tab then “Schedule Updates” and then “Check and Download Updates” button
                                        iii.   When the download has completed click on “Schedule Updates” tab and click on the “Install Now” button
                                       iv.    When the updates have completed accept the request to reboot the Appliance
Note: If the Appliance WebUi is showing version 3.0.422.0 but the FW package is showing a lesser value than what is listed above then please call Technical Support. If the firmware update is performed after the battery replacement then the Appliance will need to do a new relearn cycle. The update can be done while the relearn and charge cycles are in progress from after the battery replacement. This article contains the information about the 3.0.422.0 update
7)    If there are any other problems or questions related to this specific replacement, contact Technical Support.
Be sure to reference the Support Case ID provided to you upon confirmation of the scheduled service.


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