Incremental or differential backups may not back up created files with catalog backups

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When using Synthetic Backups or "Using catalogs" is selected for the backup method, the incremental or differential backups may not backup created, updated or renamed files.


Error Message

Error: 0xc0000010 is observed in the debug log:

BEREMOTE: 2013-12-08T22:41:00.880       - Paths:
BEREMOTE: 2013-12-08T22:41:00.880       -     C:
BEREMOTE: 2013-12-08T22:41:00.880       - Volumes:
BEREMOTE: 2013-12-08T22:41:00.880       -     \\?\Volume{c9ba7d1f-ec57-11df-86f8-806e6f6e6963}
BEREMOTE: 2013-12-08T22:41:00.880       - Snapped volumes:
BEREMOTE: 2013-12-08T22:41:00.881       -     \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy38
BEREMOTE: 2013-12-08T22:41:00.881       - Snap Times:
BEREMOTE: 2013-12-08T22:41:00.881       -     130310340416287973
BEREMOTE: 2013-12-08T22:41:00.881       - Journal Info:
BEREMOTE: 2013-12-08T22:41:00.881       -     129338184022812500  715915264  717150720  0  9223372036854710272
BEREMOTE: 2013-12-08T22:41:00.881       - DB Info:
BEREMOTE: 2013-12-08T22:41:00.881       -     0 129338184022812500 716902632
BEREMOTE: 2013-12-08T22:41:00.881 [inc] - Loading tree for mount point "", volume \\?\Volume{c9ba7d1f-ec57-11df-86f8-806e6f6e6963}
BEREMOTE: 2013-12-08T22:41:01.973       - Failed to load journal for path C:
BEREMOTE: 2013-12-08T22:41:01.973       - Error: 0xc0000010 (3221225488)
BEREMOTE: 2013-12-08T22:41:01.974       - Journal not loaded, falling back to first pass of regular catalog driven backup


The following line is logged into the job log:

The Windows Change Journal is unavailable or incomplete. This resource will be backed up without using the Windows Change Journal



A hotfix is now available for this issue in the current version(s) of the product(s) mentioned in this article. Refer to the Hotfix link under Related Articles at the end of this article to obtain the hotfix needed to resolve the issue.

Backup Exec 2012 Rev 1798 Hotfix 213186 (TECH213186)


NOTE: After apply the hotfix the Backup Exec Remote agent must be updated on remote server where the backups are being performed.

New FULL Backups must be performed.


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