An EVSVR DirectoryArchives Repair operation fails to recreate an ArchiveFolder if a DVS file is missing in the folder being repaired

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EVSVR is used to help in repairing Enterprise Vault (EV) SQL Database Inconsistencies, for example following a Disaster Recovery scenario involving a restore of an older version of the SQL Database.
The DirectoryArchives repair option helps in synchronizing the  Archive (ArchivePoint) and ArchiveFolder (Vault) records between the EnterpriseVaultDirectory and VaultStore Databases.

During a repair operation, when Recreating the missing ArchiveFolder records which are in the Vaultstore Database, but missing in the EnterpriseVaultDirectory Database, the repair will fail if the last archived saveset is missing from the Folder being repaired.


Error Message


EVSVR Log Snippet

During Step 6 of the repair the following error will be seen

Step 6 - Get folder path information for ArchiveFolders that contain archived items

 ArchiveFolder records missing with Items: 7

 [C] - Current folder path found
 [O] - Most recent original folder path will be used


 Error retrieving Saveset, Error: Success  (0)
 Archive EntryId: 16B95477A68256145B3F86A2E5F54E5761110000EV
 SavesetId:       201207015444334~201204123456780000~Z~1234567890C00E5B777B90194B901EF1
               Event Output: Failed to access file 'C:\Storage\Vault Store\Vault Store Ptn1\2013\08-01\5\093\1234567890C00E5B777B90194B901EF1.DVS'.      Reason: The system cannot find the file specified.  (0x80070002)   Operation: READ   Reference: SDR/LF      (0xc0041bcc)




This issue has been addressed in the following release:

Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 Cumulative Hotfix 2 Release

Enterprise Vault 11.0 0 Release Details

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