Late Breaking News for Clearwell eDiscovery 7.1.4


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Clearwell eDiscovery 7.1.5 is available!  Click here for additional information.

Late Breaking News for Clearwell eDiscovery 7.1.5

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Note: While all information (known issues, hotfixes) is listed it does not mean every issue applies to every environment.  Please read the details of the issue if you feel it applies to your specific situation for complete information and suggested actions.


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Point Fixes and Fix Packs for 7.1.4 

7.1.4 Fix Pack 1 (TECH214517) must be installed first before applying any of the point fixes listed below:

Case AdministrationESA-37370 - Source Browser does not display sub directories if the path contains an ampersand '&' character TECH217710
ExportESA-40127 - LFI export fails with an "Invalid Email Message Type"TECH226181
ExportESA-39030 - Native export job may contain duplicate email messages TECH224017
Identification CollectionESA-35265 - Improves the time it takes to save changes to the Access Profile TECH223040
Identification CollectionESA-38591 - Some sub-folders in a mailbox are not collected on BPOS Office 365.TECH222778
Identification CollectionESA-35267 - EV Content Retrieval 'Failed while trying to put the archive ID on the item retrieved from EV'" TECH218365
Identification CollectionESA-33922 - Changing the esa.altAttachmentsDir propertyTECH214156
Identification CollectionESA-34107 - "Re-run collection for errored data" job is run with a "Success" status TECH214157
InfrastructureESA-41489 - Component Performance AnalyzerTECH228942
Legal HoldESA-38853 - The Date/Time drop-down reverts to 12-hour time instead of 24-hour TECH224634
LFIESA-40234 - Email ingested via Load File Import may end up getting indexed in a different language.TECH226127
Post-ProcessingESA-36936 - "You have an error in your SQL syntax" when running Post Processing in the validator phase.TECH223156
Processing<< NEW >>  Processing now properly extracts words that occur at specific locations in blocks of text longer than 512 characters found in specific file types000115517
ProductionESA-39955 - "XML Export Error - Attachment retrieval failed, no path returned." when running a Production that has messages with attachementsTECH226670
ReviewESA-38377 - Point Fix for Symantec Clearwell eDiscovery Platform V7.1.4 Fix1 TECH224018
ReviewESA-38110 - Parent tag is not deleted when 'Sub-tag selection=required' TECH223684
ReviewESA-38869 - Excessive log entries in the server log when using Native Rendering.TECH223158
ReviewESA-36848-39299 - Improves the load time of the "Advanced Search" pageTECH216585
ReviewESA-35167 - Creating training sets in Transparent Predictive Coding fails with the following error 'Job Failed - 690004 Error with feature mgmt'TECH215298
SearchESA-39355 - Login fails when user has requested to auto-resume search state on login in a cluster environment TECH224020
System AdministrationESA-41346 - During a Bulk Load import of Employee List, users with multiple email addresses of more than 100 characters are skipped with an exceptionTECH228272
System AdministrationESA-40008 - UniqueID is Null in Active Directory, it causes an exception in ClearwellTECH226830
System AdministrationESA-33641 - Improves the time it takes to save changes to the Access Profile TECH222923

Known Issues Existing in 7.1.4:
Symantec Corporation has acknowledged that the below-mentioned issues are present in the version of the product Clearwell eDiscovery 7.1.4. Symantec Corporation is committed to product quality and satisfied customers. Please refer to the documents listed below for additional information.
ExportA Clearwell Export that includes natives is exporting some MSG files as PDF files with a ".msg" file extension.TECH230324
Identification CollectionError "java.lang.NumberFormatException" occurs when attempting to perform a eDiscovery SharePoint collectionTECH227032
Identification CollectionExchange Mailboxes are either not listed in the pop-up window or are displaying an old Exchange Server name.TECH225348
Identification CollectionUnable to find collection set on a Worker ApplianceTECH225442
Identification Collection[#422298] EV searcher error - 440,875 Searcher exited with non-zero error codeTECH197876
Identification CollectionIn Review Mode, hovering over production mode never loads the list of production folders.TECH225347
Identification CollectionThe Enterprise Vault(EV) collections for IM Messages only, return 0 results.TECH223353
Identification CollectionUnexpected error - Low disk space detected when running large Enterprise Vault CollectionsTECH222716
Identification Collection<< FIXED >> Enterprise Vault Collection 'Re-run collection for errored data' causes False 'Success' or 'Failure'.TECH213450
Identification CollectionEnterprise Vault File System Archiving Placeholders are recalled during a Clearwell File Share CollectionTECH214472
InfrastructureUnable to perform a node backup on the confirmation server using Clearwell eDiscovery v.7.1.4TECH214657
InfrastructureAudio processing will not function after a node restore from an environment that does not support audio processing.TECH213421
InfrastructureUploader log should also gather the audio-search directory contentsTECH212449
InstallerWorker node disabled and not joining Clearwell clusterTECH222676
InstallerIssues when installing V714 in a non-standard hardware configurationTECH212448
Installer"Upgrade or Updates stop due to the Clearwell directory being in useTECH224141
LFI<< NEW >> Attempting to login into the eDiscovery Platform results in HTTP Status 500000023723
LFITime zone selected in load file import settings is not used against the times & dates in the load fileTECH230759
LFIViewing the Full Text of a Long Text Custom Attribute in an Attachment Displays Incorrect ValueTECH228108
LFILoad File data from an external text file fails to be indexed when OCR is enabled in case processing settingsTECH213620
LFISorting bates or imported numbers while in review modeTECH212532
PrintingPrinting to PDF only prints the header information and not the contentTECH225161
Predictive CodingPredicting a data set fails with Java Null Pointer ExceptionTECH227097
Processing<< FIXED >> Processing now properly extracts words that occur at specific locations in blocks of text longer than 512 characters found in specific file types000115517
ProcessingHewlett-Packard (HP) Integrated Archive Platform (IAP) data Processing job failed ERROR:nullTECH226782
ProcessingSystem Property esa.crawler.mapi.skipMsgTypes is not excluding email EV shortcuts during Processing.TECH225332
ProcessingEmails with attachments are dropped during processingTECH216340
ProcessingLoose MSG file with "%28" in the file name is discovered successfully but dropped during indexing with URN error.TECH215716
ProcessingPre-processing date filter selection may include some data outside of the date range, however this will not be processed.TECH216162
ProcessingDiscovery failing while running discovery on 2 cases in parallelTECH212468
ProductionNative View of PDF has "Blurry" or Doubled TextTECH227948
ProductionRemove extra text on the file names to not draw attention to these items in the productionTECH223442
ProductionRedacted embedding production issue depending on Clearwell environmentTECH213510
ReviewRedaction are sometimes not saved when navigating away from the document being reviewed.TECH230466
ReviewRestricted Items visible /accessible to users in Similar ItemsTECH227096
ReviewServer logs flooded with INFO entries during Native renderingTECH222873
Review<< FIXED >> A saved search now shows exception: [#41025] QueryEngine error;[#80073] Unexpected persistence exception during a BitMap operationTECH218034
SearchAdding terms to Concept Searches does not update document totalTECH226756
SearchUnable to process your request returns when running a Search in ClearwellTECH225302
SearchA Domain name Advanced Search returns no results when the search query includes a non-leading or non-trailing asterisk wildcard character.TECH212935
SearchSaved search returns different results if user runs the search directly or chooses to edit and then run without editing anythingTECH211568
System Administration<< FIXED >> Employee Attribute Mapping: UniqueID to EmployeeID, UniqueID when NULL in Active Directory causes exceptions during Active Directory syncTECH226190
System AdministrationDuring a Bulk Load import of an Employee List, users with multiple email addresses of more than 100 characters are skippedTECH226179




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