Enterprise Vault - Troubleshooting marked for deletion Digest


Enterprise Vault uses marked for deletion to specify an object in the activity of delete or potentially stuck within the deletion process.  Delete requests are spawned from many actions, the manner in which they are reported also varies. This digest categorizes the location of these triggers as object.

The objects are defined as follows:

Enterprise Vault Core:

    1. Vault Store
    2. Archive
    3. Index Volume or document
    4. Items in archive
    5. Mailbox entry
    6. Offline Vault DB
    7. Service
    8. Registry key

Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator (CA) / Discovery Accelerator (DA):

    1. Child Research folder in DA Case.
    2. Child Departments Exception Employee in CA Dept.

The articles below identify technical solutions that reference marked for deletion.


Enterprise Vault (EV) Core section:

ObjectArticle IDDescription
Vault StoreTECH44546Deleting a Vault Store in Enterprise Vault (EV)
ArchiveTECH49804Mailbox Archives deletion process and affecting factors
ArchiveTECH170610How to re-archive an exported archive without duplicating items
ArchiveTECH161626The archive could not be deleted because it is being moved (Move Archive)
ArchiveTECH178002Event 7113 : archive could not be deleted (Reason - Retention Category)
ArchiveTECH76735Event 7113 : archive could not be deleted (Reason - NetApp SnapLock Device)
ArchiveTECH129111Event 7113 : archive could not be deleted (Reason - Items on Legal Holds)
ArchiveTECH75247Could not delete archive because storage service is not running
ArchiveTECH74463Event 6643 : Delete Vault failed (Reason - FK_VaultInterest_VaultEntryId)
ArchiveTECH68797Event 6643 : Delete Vault failed (Reason - 0x80070005 - Access is Denied)
Index VolumeTECH168883Why have items not been indexed and have not been sent to the indexing engine
Item in ArchiveTECH55943What are the Enterprise Vault client mailbox icons and toolbar buttons that are available
ServiceTECH165646Error 1075 The dependency service does not exist or has been marked for deletion
ServiceTECH204076EV Configuration Wizard fails with error 'Unable to start the Windows NT Service'
Registry KeyTECH171453Illegal operation attempted on a registry key that has been marked for deletion (0x800703fa)


Enterprise Vault (EV) CA/DA section:

ObjectArticle IDDescription
Child Research folder in DA caseTECH210646Review and New export action throws constraint error in DA
Child Departments Exception Employee in CA DeptTECH136313Search against Exception Employee completes with 0 hits in CA
Child Departments Exception Employee in CA DeptTECH136300CA Client connecting to customer instance shows 'Unable to connect'


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