The archival of .mht files may cause Event ID 6952 messages to be logged with the error code 0x8003001d

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 When archiving .mht files to Centera when Device-level Sharing is turned on, some of these .mht files may cause Event 6952 messages to be logged with the error shown in the Error section of this article.  As the StorageFileWatch.exe thread that encounters the problem cannot recover from it, the number of files in the Centera Staging Area may begin to accumulate, with a knock-on effect on the amount of available disk space on the drive that hosts the affected Staging Area.

Error Message

Type : Error
Event : 6952
Source : Enterprise Vault 
Category : Storage File Watch
User : N/A
Computer : EVServer01
Description: A EMC Centera Collector thread encountered an error and has stopped. 

Reason: A disk error occurred during a write operation.  (0x8003001d)
PartitionEntryID: 14CC1AE09F947E0449EBD71E9712B51591q10000EVAlias1
Method: CCollectorEMCCentera::CollectStore


There are two possible workarounds to this problem:

1)  Turn off Device-level Sharing in the properties of the Centera Partition, within the Vault Administration Console.  Once this change has been made restart the EV Storage service for it to take effect.

2)  Add an exclusion for the .mht file type in the archiving policy.  This is only possible if the source of the data is a File System Archiving or Sharepoint Archiving target.  Prior to adding the exclusion into the policy, perform step 1 above so that the problem files in the Staging Area are written to the Centera and removed from the Staging Area.  Once the Staging Area has been cleared down, implement the policy exclusion, re-enable Device-level Sharing on the partition and restart the Storage service for the change to take effect.


This issue has been addressed in the following release:
Enterprise Vault 11.0.0 Cumulative Hotfix 2 Release


Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 - Release Details


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