Browser Search fails to search SubFolders of a selected folder when the archive has a large number of folders

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When there are a large number of folders (around 30,000 or more) in an Archive, the process to select the folders underneath a selected folder does not function and the actual sub-folder search may fail returning no result.


Using Browser Search, Integrated Search, or Archive Explorer a user can select one or more sub-folders of an archive to search against.  If the option "Search subfolders" is selected, Enterprise Vault downloads the entire folder structure of the Archive to enumerate all selected searchable subfolders.  When the number of folders in an archive is too large the entire folder structure document is larger than the 4MB Microsoft IIS default 'bufferingLimit' the result to the browser is an empty response body, this prevents the search application from determining the entire list of subfolders to search against.

Additionally when searching sub-folders, the Search.asp page includes the list of all FolderIds (corresponding to the selected sub-folders) in the entity body of the POST request. IIS sets a default limit of 200,000 bytes (0.19 mb) in the entity body of a request. However with large numbers of sub-folders to search, this default limit causes searches to fail.


If the folder structure returned by the TreeViewXML.asp request is larger than the ASP.Net Buffering Limit, which defaults to 4MB, the search will return 0 results.

Additionally if the size of the entity body of the request made by Search.asp exceeds the default limit set by maxRequestEntityAllowed the search will fail.

To increase these limit on the Enterprise Vault server:

  1. Open the 'Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager' admin tool.
  2. Expand the Server name, 'Sites' node, and 'Default Web Site' node
  3. Select the 'EnterpriseVault' virtual directory.
  4. In the middle pane select 'Configuration Editor':
  5. At the top of the window click on the 'Section:' drop down, expand 'system.webServer', and select the 'asp' item:
  6. Expand the 'limits' area
  7. Ensure the path is 'MACHINE/WEBROOT/APPHOST/Default Web Site/EnterpriseVault'
  8. Select the 'bufferingLimit' value (ASP Page->UI Element List):
    • bufferingLimit 16777216
  9. Set this value to a larger number, such as 16 MB (16777216), whichever is appropriate for the environment.
  10. Then click on 'Apply':
    • bufferingLimit
  11. Additionally select the ‘maxRequestEntityAllowed’ value.
    • maxRequestEntityAllowed
  12. Set this value to a larger number, such as 33554432 (i.e. 32 MB), whichever is appropriate for the environment.
  13. Then click on ‘Apply’.
    • maxRequestEntityAllowed 33554432
  14. Perform an iisreset from the command prompt:
  15. Test the Browser search, with specific folders selected, results should now be successful.

Note:  A reinstall of the IIS component would require this change to be reapplied, in addition any new Enterprise Vault server added to the environment would also likely require this change.

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