Redirected Restore to a Novell NSS Volume on SUSE Linux Fails with Insufficient Disk Space Due to Disk Quotas Being Enabled on the Backup Volume.

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When attempting a redirected restore to a different NSS volume on SUSE 10, the job fails due to attempting to restore disk quota information along with the data.

Error Message

0xe000848f - Insufficient disk space.

Final error category: Resource Errors

Connection to the restore target has been lost. Operation canceled.


Disk Quota from the backup volume is restored to the redirected volume, or a 0kb quota is restored to the redirected volume.


Disable Quota checking and rerun the restore job.

Commands to disable quota checking:

nss /NoQuotaChecking
nss /NoDirectoryQuotas=<volume>
nss /NoUserSpaceRestrictions=<volume>

NSS commands entered at the command line do not persist through a server reboot. They can be made persistent by adding them to the nssstart.cfg file.

Note: If the above commands don't work we can disable quota checking, directory quotas and space restrictions from the iManager. 

Please refer to the below article for more information on how to disable quota checking, directory quotas and space restrictions using iManager.​ 


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