How to perform a restore of a Hyper-V guest using Backup Exec 2012


A restore of a Hyper-V guest from a backup performed with the Hyper-V Agent for Backup Exec 2012 is necessary.


If necessary, inventory and catalog any media that is required for the restore job.  This is particularly necessary if the media has been offsite for a long period of time and the catalog information is no longer available within Backup Exec 2012.

1) From the Backup And Restore tab in Backup Exec 2012, select the Hyper-V host where the VM that is needs to be restored was backed up from and click on the restore icon in the ribbon.

Step1 - Hyper-V Host

2) When the restore wizard opens select Microsoft Hyper-V data and click next.

3) On the following screen, make sure that the date range on top is set to the appropriate range from which you want to restore from.

4) Expand the selection list on the left to show the backup dates and times for the VM which is needed to restore.  Check the box next to the appropriate date and time that is needed to restore a particular VM from.

5) On the following screen please choose where the restore to be redirected to if needed. You can send the restore to the original location that it was backed up from or redirect it to an alternate Hyper-V host.

6) On the following screen select the additional options that are needed for the restore job. 

Important - If the select the option 'Do not overwrite powered on virtual machines', the restore job will fail if the virtual machine is powered on.

7) The following screen is where additional tasks such as pre and post commands can be entered for the restore job as well as notification settings.

8) The following screen is where the job name and schedule is set for the restore job.


9) The final screen is a summary of the settings for the restore job.  Please take a moment to review them to ensure that they are correct.

Once all settings have been verified correct, click finish to run the restore job.

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