SharePoint 2010 backup failure 0xe000031a - Unable to query the team database metadata. TimerJobFrequency

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There are many causes to the error 0xe000031a.  To determine the root cause, the failing job must be debugged. 

How to debug SharePoint jobs: 

Error Message

     Job log:

0xe000031a - Unable to query the team database metadata.  

      From the SPSWrapper log:

Executing Powershell cmd Get-SPServiceApplication -identity 37dd3dc4-68a4-4ec1-8630-cfe1efca2118 

Error exception in running cmd Get-SPServiceApplication -identity 37dd3dc4-68a4-4ec1-8630-cfe1efca2118 Exception is Exception getting "TimerJobFrequency": "Unable to cast object of type 'Microsoft.SharePoint.SPDailySchedule' to type 'Microsoft.SharePoint.SPMinuteSchedule'." 


This issue has been observed when the 'Frequency with which to start conversions' (TimerJobFrequency) field is null for the Word Automation Services Service Application in Sharepoint.  By default when Sharepoint is installed, this field has a default value of 15 (minutes) and with no value, the backup will fail.  To confirm the value in the field, from the SharePoint powershell console run the following command:

Get-SPServiceApplication -identity 37dd3dc4-68a4-4ec1-8630-cfe1efca2118 | select * | format-list 

*Note: Use the GUID from the SPSWrapper log, not the one listed above.  

The results of this command should show an empty TimerJobFrequency field.

Open the Central administration, Navigate to Application Management, then 'Manage service applications', and click on 'Word Automation Services'. The same error received in the SPSWrapper log should show. 



Use the following command within Sharepoint Powershell to enter a value in the blank field causing the failure.  This command will return the value to the default of 15 but if another value is desired, consult Microsoft documentation for best practices.

Get-SPServiceApplication -identity  37dd3dc4-68a4-4ec1-8630-cfe1efca2118 | Set-SPWordConversionServiceApplication -TimerJobFrequency 15

*Note: Use the GUID from the SPSWrapper log, not the one listed above.  



Applies To

Backup Exec 2012 

Sharepoint 2010

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