Mutant mutexs on the RetrievalTask preventing retrieval of Domino archived items.

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In an environment that has migrated Enterprise Vault shortcuts from Domino to Exchange retrieval of Domino archived items fail.


Error Message

Dtrace of the RetrievalTask will show the following:

10160 13:53:26.712 [20804] (RetrievalTask) <19136> EV:M NotesRuntimeHelper::AcquireInitMutex - Unable to acquire mutex (258)

Mutex_Checker_Output.txt will show the following:

8/22/2013 1:50:03 PM RetrievalTask.exe  pid: 11164  type: Mutant 628:  \BaseNamedObjects\EV~NRH~INIT-MUTEX

Further Review of the dtrace shows that the RetrievalTask gets hung. In this Thread we see that the RetrievalTask only enters but fails to process and exit {CSavesetMessage::Receive} :

2652 13:43:26.899 [11164] (RetrievalTask) <10840> EV:M {CRestorationAgent::SavesetAvailable:#690} Restoring message into an Exchange message store.
2658 13:43:26.899 [11164] (RetrievalTask) <10840> EV:M {CRestorationAgent::InitialChecksAndSetup:#2972} Performing initial checks and setup for Exchange item restoration. Retry [0] of [3].
2663 13:43:26.899 [11164] (RetrievalTask) <10840> EV:L {CRestorationAgent::InitialChecksAndSetup:#2983} Getting [IExchangeLocation] interface...
2668 13:43:26.899 [11164] (RetrievalTask) <10840> EV:L {CRestorationAgent::InitialChecksAndSetup:#2987} Getting [IExchangeShortcutAccessor] interface...
2673 13:43:26.899 [11164] (RetrievalTask) <10840> EV:M {CRestorationAgent::InitialChecksAndSetup:#2999} Unpacked agent data for Saveset
[201205136873006~201205102030370000~Z~101B2601EEDF1778EFBF6B92739ECB21] restoration.
2678 13:43:26.899 [11164] (RetrievalTask) <10840> EV:L {CRestorationAgent::InitialChecksAndSetup:#3003} Unpacking [261] byte [location] object...
2685 13:43:26.899 [11164] (RetrievalTask) <10840> EV:L {CRestorationAgent::InitialChecksAndSetup:#3015} Unpacking [259] byte [shortcut accessor] object...
2689 13:43:26.899 [11164] (RetrievalTask) <10840> EV:L {CRestorationAgent::InitialChecksAndSetup:#3043} Successfully completed initial checks and setup for Exchange item restoration.
2693 13:43:26.899 [11164] (RetrievalTask) <10840> EV:L {CQueue::CQueue} (Entry)
2695 13:43:26.899 [11164] (RetrievalTask) <10840> EV:L {CQueue::CQueue} (Exit)
2704 13:43:26.899 [11164] (RetrievalTask) <10840> EV:L {CQueue::Open} (Entry) Opening queue [DIRECT=OS:evapp01 \Private$\Enterprise Vault Spool Queue].
2707 13:43:26.899 [11164] (RetrievalTask) <10840> EV:L {CQueue::Close} (Entry)
2710 13:43:26.899 [11164] (RetrievalTask) <10840> EV:L {CQueue::Close} (Exit) Status: [Success]
2719 13:43:26.915 [11164] (RetrievalTask) <10840> EV:L {CQueue::Open} (Exit) Status: [Success]
2720 13:43:26.915 [11164] (RetrievalTask) <10840> EV:L {CSavesetMessage::Receive} (Entry)

When multiple instances of dtrace are taken from multiple reproductions of the issue a specific saveset or savesets will show up in the hung thread. It is important to identify the problematic saveset.


The issue is due to problematic saveset(s) stuck in the R1 message queue.

Further testing of the saveset indicates that it cannot be retrieved or dumped using EVSVR.


In this circumstance it is necessary to purge the R1 queue of this problematic item in order to resolve the issue.

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